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    MLS Roster update for 2008 season?

    Funny...I went through the rosters yesterday (MLS only) and got a bunch of updates made. Only missing 3-4 players per team max, but I'd rather wait for your update.
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    The CM08 thread

    For anyone trying to run CM08 on a 64-bit OS with no luck, download the .NET 2.0 SDK and use coreflags to set the .exe for CM08 to 32-bit only...worked for me!
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    The CM08 thread

    Rinaldo. CM08 currently doesn't work with 64-bit versions of .NET 2.0. To get around this, your application needs to be compiled for 32 bit mode, so it will never be loaded in the 64 bit runtime. Visual Studio 2005 offers 3 options for "Target Platform": x86: 32bit only x64: 64bit only any...
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    Weird 4 on field

    I get the same problem with the radar and name displays on my 20" monitor when I play at 1680x1050.
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    Scouting = Pathetic

    It may have to do with the fact that my team has 1.5 stars.
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    Scouting = Pathetic

    I'm in year seven of my Lincoln City career with a manager rating of 8. My scout and negotiator are both rated 10. When I scout players, no matter where, their ratings are in the 30's, 40's if I am lucky. What the heck is going on?
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    Will There Be A New Roster Patch?????

    they promised a fall/winter transfer updates...they already updated it once...the second update should come soon.
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    A question regarding widesreen resolutions.

    I also need to know how to fix this issue.
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    B.S. Online Play

    First of all, I notice that I always play against the same four teams: Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester United. There are also a couple of moves I've noticed. One is dropping the ball with the goalie and trying to lob all the way down the field to create a breakaway for a striker...
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    Transfer update..?

    I think CEP update is due end of this month or march.
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    Transfer update..?

    One is supposed to be release by EA, but god knows when. Best bet is to wait for's update.
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    FIFA 08 Wish List - Current Generation

    Not having the league from Argentina is quite ridiculous, especially with Austria, Belgium, Korea, MLS and Mexico there. As for your MLS bashing...the League is barely 10 years old so what do you really expect? It will take time for football to become popular in the states. The US National...
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    Creation Centre 2007 Released

    Doesn't seem to be working with Windows XP 64-bit.
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    commentary links (all)

    I have no problems getting the commentaries to work when switching languages via the locale.ini file. However, renaming the ita files as eng files does not allow me to hear Italian commentary. Instead, there is silence. Am I doing something wrong? I read every post in this thread. All I...
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    Italian football suspended; Policeman dies during derby violence

    Maybe now Ronaldo will have enough time to get in shape before his first game.
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    Listen up all you people who have the full PC version!

    Good lord this is a completely different game now (in a good way).
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    Does anyone think EA will release another patch?

    is the podcast only available when playing online? also, when do you guys think EA will release the next patch? i say two weeks.
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    Does anyone think EA will release another patch?

    Where can I hear the podcast?
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    Editing on-screen positioning help.

    I was wondering. Is there a way to edit where the scoreboard, player names and time appear? I'm using a resolution of 1680x1050 which isn't fully supported and I would like to shift the player names to the bottom center of the screen.
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    commentary links (all)

    I like to play with the language of the league I me it's worth it.