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    Tara Reid???

    Those scars around the nipples are scarry. Looks like someone got a boob job... Warning!!! NSFW....
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    Importing PES4 XBOX version?

    Sorry if these are loaded questions, but is anyone in the US or outside of Europe planning on importing PES4 for the XBOX? I love to play online but I don't if I can because I have a NTSC XBOX. I am assuming you have to have a modchip to play import but wouldn't XBOX Live detect the mod chip?
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    Ronaldinho, what a character.

    Ronaldinho says he turned down Chelsea for love of soccer. Best quote: At least he honest. But no matter how ugly he is, he still gets more poon than any of us here.
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    Let Them Smoke.... Pot!!!

    ENGLAND fans will be allowed to smoke dope before Sunday’s crunch clash with France — to keep them calm.,,2-2004270693,00.html True. People who are high smoking pot are generally mellow and not violent.
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    What's the real reason why mouta is here?

    Why is this guy so persistent on turning everything into a FIFA versus PES/WE debate? Give your vote.
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    This is how EA kills off competitions!!!

    Thank God it is only a rumor. But we all know why EA has such a strong hold on the footie scene with its exclusive licenses. It's too bad international football associations can't be more open to its licensing policy. But what are you going to do when someone shove a boat of cash for an...
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    New USA and Mexico kits

    I am surprise that no USA poster on this board have not post this yet. Mexico: (High Res) Too large to be posted here. The new kit are at the bottom. Nike and Adidas designs are horrible this year.
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    Kits Importing now possible!!!

    WE-NG Team has released a WE picture decoder so that we can view and import kits now: Should be great a start to getting real kits. And now with the PC version, it will be even easier since the files...
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    WTF, KONAMI are arse backward!!!

    How the hell can they release the PC version of PES3 on PC DVD? :kader: I would like to pimp slap the person who make such an idiotic decision. They are alienating potential buyers who don't have a DVD drive on their PC. This would be a majority of people. I just don't understand the...
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    C&V Interview with Seabass!!!

    Source: Some random notes I got from the interview. 1. Rosters are out of date again. What the fudge is the use of the BB unit if you can't update the roster because of...
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    Questions to ask SeaBass if you have the chance.

    OK. I have read many interviews with SeaBass and it seems to me that the interviewers never drilled SeaBass hard questions. I know it maybe out of respect but no one seems to ask him why certain in the series still have not been iron out and how they can be improve. So if you have a one on...
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    WE7 International??? Can this be true??

    OK. It's late and I just came back a wild bachelor party for a friend of mine. I went to to download a manual for Madden 2004 and what do I see? An article about WE7 but something is strange. The last paragraph had me puzzle...
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    WE7 sales figures for the first week...

    WE7 almost at the 700,000 units mark after one week of being released. NOTE that the chart was for the week of August 4th to the 10th. At this rate, it should hit the 1 million mark already. I can't only imagine what the figures would be if...
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    Some WE7 pics!!!!

    Here are some WE7 screenies.
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    Big WE7 Video from About 93 MB. There is also some mention of WE7 International here: I am off from work and heading home to play WE7.
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    LOL. The Supposed New US men top is in fact for the US women's.

    The supposed new US top that is floating around on this forum is in fact the new US Women's WC top. I have the catalogue from eurosport and can confirm this. The red star on the sleeves is dead giveaway and the girly design. The US men has never won a WC so a star on the sleeves would be...
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    Two new WE7 pics from

    Looking good.
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    WeDoIt Club Patch Here!!!!

    Here is a link to the WeDoIt Club patch. It's a ftp site with a max of 30 connections. Login is anonymous. I suggest using DAP or FlashGet to get the files since they are huge. There are also other patches in there. Here is the link: PS. You can open the link with...
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    The 64 Club teams!!!

    Found this on another board. Division 1 North: Scotland (2) - Celtic, Glasgow Rangers England (13) - Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leeds United, West Ham United, Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Charlton West...
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    This is what EA should strive for!!!! Thanks to the_man for these videos. The videos are not that great in quality but this is what EA should strive for as far as animation is concern for...