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    FIFA 08 - Game stats!

    Hello! I need an application wich collects game stats and saves them in seperate file (it could be .csv format) after the game finishes. I know that there is that kind of app for NHL 09! Its called gameplay centre: here's the link if you need to see it...
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    National Teams Addons for FIFA 2008 (I Accept Requests)

    The link doesn't work! Maybe you can upload it smoewhere else? And it would be great if you could update Ivory Coast team!] Thanks!
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    Updated Leagues To 2009-2010 Season!

    Hello! I think you're doing a great job with those updates! It would be perfect if you could update the following teams: Chelsea Manchester City Roma Atletico Madrid AC Milan Schalke 04 Werder Sevilla Tottenham Hotspur Wolfsburg Fiorentina Juventus
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    Costacurta's Teams Patches (cmp.)

    will you make european top league updates to 10/11 season roster? (England, Spain, Germany, Italy...) That would be great!
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    Updated Leagues To 2009-2010 Season!

    Will you update leagues to 10-11 season roster?