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  1. pao4ever

    FIFA Online 4 files

    Is there anyone that posseses FO4 files? I'd like to import them in blender and experiment with them. Shoe and body files are the ones I'm interested in the most. Thank you
  2. pao4ever

    pao4ever's now and then faces

    Same goes here with gloves. Very limited time, but with effort for very quality stuff ;) First choises are from the Greek Superleague. I'll try to do as many as I can. So, let's start: Olivier Boumal - Panathinaikos Ousmane Coulibaly - Panathinaikos & Mali NT...
  3. pao4ever

    pao4ever's now and then creations

    Hey guys, sorry for this too short thread but, as already said so many times, my spare time is way too limited and the only things that I create are for personal use. So, I hope you'll enjoy whatever I manage to release HO Soccer gk gloves Jungle Green, Orange Fluo, Lime Fluo Black...
  4. pao4ever

    FIFA 15 Via TriDef 3D Drivers

    Anyone tried it? I have a crash right after the hospitality settings synchronising... Still can't find any solution
  5. pao4ever

    Strange crash bug...

    Hey guyz, I face a rather annoying crash. It happens everytime I try to play with Real Madrid or Barcelona! This **** is crazy! I've tried every possible solution, but neither the kits, nor the players, nor the ball and banners had any error. What might be the prob and how could I get over it?
  6. pao4ever

    GSP FIFA 12 Greece Super League patch

    With great pleasure we represent our first patch for FIFA 12!!! Here are the info and the installation guide. WARNING - GSP FIFA 12 - Greek Superleague BETA 1.0 patch contains a new db, which means that you won't be able to use your current career/save games. Follow carefully the installation...
  7. pao4ever

    Manager mode weather conditions glitch

    Guyz please help... By the time I imported some new leagues, I can't play in other than "clean" conditions. The odd is that in Virtual Pro mode, the wather works just fine. You've got rain, you've got snow, you've got everything... So, any ideas in how to fix it...? It's driving me crazy!!
  8. pao4ever

    noob question...

    which program do I need to open and edit .bin files (such as boots) and without the game install in my pc...? thanx for any responses.
  9. pao4ever

    Colouring the accessories

    I was wondering if there is a way to change the colours of the accessories default ones. For example, can we change the Blue Wrist tape from yellow to green? And for ankle tapes also...
  10. pao4ever

    God D...n Newspapers!

    Somebody please heeeeeeeelp me! I replaced the "Insider" newspaper logo with one I made and anytime the game shows any newspaper logo, it crashes! I tried backing up the whole data folder, even importing the Insider again, but none of these worked out. Can someone help me solve this? And does...
  11. pao4ever

    Some graphic adds that might be possibly done

    Hey great FIFA game modders. I was wondering if you could add some graphic elements to the game that do not exist. For example, for previus FIFA games we saw waving flags among the fans. Can something like that be added to FIFA 10? Or one another, in an old FIFA (I can't remember which...) the...
  12. pao4ever

    Newspaper fo career

    Guyz, sorry in case of an existence of a similar thread, but i couldn't find anything. Can someone make newspapers and take some requests? I wanna make one Greek Sport Newspaper named "SportDay" and I don't know how. Thanx.
  13. pao4ever

    Argentina Super League cmp

    Guyz, could someone please give me the link for the Argentina SL .cmp? I have searched all the world-wide web and though couldn't find the correct link. I was driving in one-way in a Chile site... Thanx!!!!
  14. pao4ever

    Why don't we compile all our Fifa edits on one disc?

    Hello 2 anyone who is reading this post. To be straight, i was wondering if all you Great Patch Makers and Creators could do so: gather all your creations (Leagues, stadiums, teams, graphic and gameplay enhancement and misc stuff such as flags, kits, boots etc) and burn them with the rest FIFA...
  15. pao4ever

    Graphic bug...

    Hello 2 my FIFA funs! I noticed that FIFA 09 has the same problem that FIFA 08 had: when u zoom out, players' head look different and when u zoom in again, it looks normal... In FIFA 08 somebody (i don't remenber who...) fixed it with a patch "Player Detail". Can it be fixed in this game, too?
  16. pao4ever

    Winter in fifa 08

    Hey fellas, i just wanna ask if there is any possibility to play with snow (winter selection) in the manager mode...