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  1. Halilyc

    Hair Alpha Tutorial

    Hi guys, I made a hair and I changed hair color on texture with photoshop, everythings is fine on texture but I must to make new alpha for changes. Is there any tutorial about that ? I watched 2 tutorials but its about new hair texture, I just changed hair color with color adjusments.
  2. Halilyc

    Spectral Band Replication (SBR) / FIFA Sound Files

    Hi guys, I found some informations about fifa sound files. Maybe someone can help us with this informations ? This pages; and this article
  3. Halilyc

    FIFAMODS PLUS Team Patch

    TRAILER GKqIbHdlH4E PREVIEW mGawLe2Lyt8 Fifa 16 Plus Team PTT V.1.0 / Official Thread : ✔ Turkish Second League Added / PTT 1. League ✔ New 18 Team ✔ Minikits of PTT League ✔ Added Player`s...
  4. Halilyc

    FIFAMODS Graphic Works

    Hi guys, We`re making Turkish League patch and So we`re making many graphic for turkish league and We thought maybe you want to use these graphics :coffe-anim: Firstly I want to share UEFA Europa League Turkish broadcaster canal scoreboard and logo (You can change logo file with broadcaster...
  5. Halilyc

    Add New Stadiums

    Hi guys, I tested to add new extra stadium to FIFA16 but its not working well at night mode. I choosed day mode, everything is fine, but when I choosed night mode its looks like day mode and weather is looks orange. How can we solve this problem ? Do you have any idea ?
  6. Halilyc

    Mega Facepack Project

    I have a plan for everyone who around the world. Im gonna create website for upload face works to players profile. Im gonna add every players from FIFA16 to web site and facemakers gonna upload their works to player page and they can check which player doesnt has face, other facemakers gonna...
  7. Halilyc

    Halilyc's Faces

    Im here for FIFA16 too 😊
  8. Halilyc

    FIFAMODS Total Patch V3

    FEATURES Mod Selector (Online Mode, Career Mode and Tournament Mode) PTT 1.League and Play-off steps (Every team has real kit) Ziraat Turkey Cup with real statute Super Cup added. Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium added. (Thanks to Mustafa Şahin) Last formations and...
  9. Halilyc

    Normal Map Technic For Faces

    Hi guys, I discovered normal map for faces. When I look at the manager models, ea used normal map technic for them, So I thinked maybe we can use this technic for faces too. I added normal map to block3 with file explorer but it doesnt work in game. Maybe someone can resolve that problem, thanks...
  10. Halilyc

    Edit SBS or SBR Sound Binary Files For Commentary

    Hi guys. We want to make turkish commentary for fifa15. We opened eng_us.big file thanks to FinalBIG editor and we export the commentary SBS and SBR files. I saw @Ariel edited SBS and SBR files for Tournaments musics (Moddingway All in One Patch). Me and a lot of people send P.M. to @Ariel but...
  11. Halilyc

    Adding Referees

    Hi guys. I want to add head to some referee. Is it possible ? If its possible, How can I do ? Can you help me guys ? Its so important for our patch :facepalm: Thanks.
  12. Halilyc

    Turkish Commentary

    Hi guys. We want to hear turkish commentary. We found a professional Turkish commentary but we need to edit commentary sounds files. Is it possible ? Can someone make a tool for sounds or say to us how can we do ? Almost every turkish people and our proffesional commentary is waiting good news...
  13. Halilyc

    TUTORIAL: How To Add Faces

    If you dont know how to add faces to fifa15, you can watch this video. Note : You must to download Creation Master 15 Beta 2 for face import. 2MhHpn5eqTA
  14. Halilyc

    Why don`t you add image resize plugin ?

    Hi forum leaders. Why don`t you add image resize plugin to this forum ? If someone add big size image, it creates visual pollution :mambo: Thanks.
  15. Halilyc

    Halilyc's Faces

    Hi everyone ! I have create a site for faces and other things just for FIFA15. I`m gonna share my face works at there and here too. Why I created a site ? Last years I maked many faces and almost every faces links is broken. So I`m gonna upload every work to my website and you can download it...
  16. Halilyc

    FIFA exTReme14 Face Exhibition Area

    Hi mates. Good luck for the new season to everyone. Now I taking ss from Fifa13 beacuse Fifa14 has black ears problem in my game. When I Solve this problem I gonna give new ss from Fifa14 :) Manuel Fernandes with 3D Facial Hair (Not Final Work) Mario Gomez : Tomas...
  17. Halilyc

    How Can I Create Textures ?

    Hi guys. When I import face texture with CM14, game crashed but when I use this sample face`s texture, game do not crashing. Head model , hair and eyes are okey but texture file give me error. How can I convert my png texture file to rx3 file ?
  18. Halilyc

    [DOWNLOAD] Beşiktaş J.K Inönü Stadı

    This Stadium is Beşiktaş Inonu Stadium from Turkey and nowadays this stadium is torn down. Download :
  19. Halilyc

    Beşiktaş J.K 2013-14 Concept Kit

    My Original Work : Texture : Creation Master Render : In Game :
  20. Halilyc

    Beşiktaş İnönü Stadı l Released

    Firstly You have to think this is a Demo :) It has several incomplete things Such as ; lights , Crowds of New open tribün must to be more crowd . Textures are not good and I want to improve this textures next update :) This stadium model is not mine and only I added crowd, extra things and I...