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    Replays Thread

    Anyone have the goal from Boateng from Germany's Under 19 squad in the World Championships against Greece? I heard it was stunning...anyone? Thanks...
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    Searching for target man

    Um...maybe im biased..but Bonazzoli (Reggina) has a half decent finish and is good at headers and is physically strong. He is usually transfer listed and is co-owned by Reggina and Parma.
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    "Shifty and wash's career thread"

    Mozart (Reggina) or Ledesma (Lecce)
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    Replays Thread

    Here are highlights of the Bologna vs Parma second leg of the relegation playoff. Nice action, including 'the' save by Frey that was requested above...
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    Replays Thread

    Can someone post Nakamura's free kick for Reggina vs Chievo Verona. Great goal, would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Inter Milan Thread (2004 - 2005)

    Bit touchy are we??;) You were lucky to get the point, our ten were playing you off the park.
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    Inter Milan Thread (2004 - 2005)

    :mrpimp: How much you guys pay Rossetti?
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    Searching for nice club

    Reggina. Once you strenghten the defence they're a half decent ream to work with. Also, a home crowd of 25,000 + , start off with a bit to spend on wages and about 2m euro on transfers.
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    Finally... I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok cool. Im about to start my last year of school (year 12 aus) and FM isnt really helping;) I got relegated with Reggina so i guess i'll wait untill the school holudays and then hopefully the patch will be out by then, and i can start a new Reggina game.:D
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    Replays Thread

    Anyone be able to post a link for the reggina goal vs atalanta??
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    Finally... I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will be be able to use the patch on an existing game running???
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    Sorry about that. Last time i came here it was a 1 pg thread, so i skimmed down the firts page and assumed it hadnt been brought up yet -> and i was just too dumb to work it out. Thanks...and sorry :)
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    Is it possible to play the game windowed?? I cant seem to find the option to do so. Thanks in advance.... FORZA REGGINA
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    R.I.P Johnny Warren

    Rest in Peace Johnny. I nver met him but i felt so close to him. He loves the game so much. 2006 for Johnny!!
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    Replays Thread

    Anyone have Reggina vs Juve ??? I would really appreciate is.
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    Why Inter?!

    who is controlling Reggina?? Can you post a sreen of their team/tactics??:)
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    Worlds Fastest Goal Confirmed...

    Damian Mori scored the world record(X) a few years ago for Adelaide City. It was about 3.5 seconds...
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    Spurious Cannes Cause...

    Hey ! spurious~cause! Its reggina_calcio/nakamura from TWG. Like your interview with Harry:crazyboy: Oh yeh and Hang onto Niflore (sp??) Im in 2011 and he's pretty good....That is if you're palying cm0304? v 4.1.1
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    [Off. News] Vote!!!! (also includes a link to a preview of the FM mag! (44th post))

    Theyre probably just testing out the styles that we like........dont really care about the packaging.....hope the game lives up to it expectations......
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    World Cup 2010...!

    OMG OMG!!!!!! N AK AMUR A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FORZ A REGGIN A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!