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    MLS, Liga MX and South American stadiums edits

    Hi guys, I start to make crowds, begining was hard but now i'm more comfortable. Yet i didn't figure out how some things works. For exemple when i create a crowd block, i have to unselect all the other vertex groups in edit mode to be able to edit the new block and to create a new vertex...
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    cheat engine table

    Hi, I wonder if there is some table like this one for fifa 16: The job offer editing is just cool regarding the non sensical offers the game makes. I searched on internet but couldn't find any table like this, only for 17 and 18. I also experienced with memory adresses in cheat engine, for...
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    La Liga: screwed by a bug or is it the rule?

    hi everybody, Could a follower of La Liga tell me if this is a game bug or if i missed something about the tie rules? Best defence or less losses has the advantage maybe? Thanks. Its a bit frustrating though...
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    Crazy pop ups by every click

    Hi When i click on the forum i have new mozilla windows opening with bloody sex sites or advertising. It happens almost on everthing i click on soccergaming but not on other sites. Did i catch an adware or does everyone experience this too?
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    How To Assign Brazilian Teams To Latino Cup?

    Hi guys, Some prestigious brazilian teams are back in fifa (gremio, santos, sao paulo...) but still they are not able to play the latinoamricana cup in carreer mode, would have been to much asked from ea... I will try to put some of the brasilian teams in chile and colombia league, so they...
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    Career Mode Title Not Showing In Stats + Celebration Spoiled

    Hi folks, I got a strange issue in my carrer recently: i won the Eredivisie with Ajax but my title didn't show up in my carrer stats, but the KNVB cup i won the same season was taken in account... Also, i was a (little) bit excited to see the title celebration after the last league game...
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    Chants stops soudainly

    Hi, I have installed a patch of argentinian liga, and it works great, except an unrealistic feature: In the game, when a the referee gives a foul or when i make a shot, the chants stops abruptly and sudenly in an unrealistic way and skips to the generic "hooo" or "houuu". In the original...