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    Is it possible to play the game windowed?? I cant seem to find the option to do so. Thanks in advance.... FORZA REGGINA
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    Will SI send out patches??

    Im using a computer without a burner or internet for CM0304 and am using the original version (4.1.1). Really i cant see any problems but thats probably cause im just used to it. Anyway i saw someone saying that if you write to SI that they will send out the advanced patches. Is this true??Has...
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    Australian CM gamers

    Just wanted to know where you bought your Cm0304 for PC> Im looking around to fin d a cheap one, aournd $60AUD. Anyone?
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    Milan vs Reggina

    Alright guys, any news ont eh game or predictions you want to it all here in this thread. Ok prediction: 1-2(H) Lineup (mine): ===========Belardi======= ====Jiranek===Sottil====Torissi Mesto===Baiocco===Tedesco===Falsini ===========Cozza===========...
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    Burning the demo

    It there a way i can burn the demo? Its currently on one computer, but i want to transfer it to my other one.......It always comes up with an error message........what do i do??? BTW theres nothing wrong with buring the demo is there?
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    I have Fifa 2003 on PS2 and i can only play with the nike geo merlin ball.I just wanna know how i can use the fevernova ball. ANYBODY?