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    FIFALive 1v1 Website (Xbox 360)

    Hello, I would like to bring more members to my website and would like all the community to enjoy both EA Sports Forums and my forum, the site is a 1v1 online site with transfers, squad rules, wages etc. It brings realism to the managerial world and you make the decisions, you make the...
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    FIFALive 1v1 Website

    If you have never experienced a site like this before then please sign up to the forum and send me a message asking what to do, I will explain everything we need members and a lot of you seem to be interested in FIFA 11. RuG x TekkeRz is my username on the forum
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    FIFALive 1v1 Website

    Hello, I would like to advertise my website, FIFALive is a 1v1 online game for FIFA 11, with rules set such as squad limits, transfers where you can make the transfers and change them to your team etc. We are currently looking to expand the website and get a couple of managers we have the...