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    Soccer Summaries

    Hello football fans, I'll post here the summaries of all matches of the 8 largest leagues in Europe. England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Portugal and the Netherlands. So make sure, you catch all the summaries, every Monday-evening around 7:30 PM (CET)!!!! And since this...
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    2010 World Cup kits collection

    Group A France | Home Away GK Mexico | Home Away GK South Africa | Home Away GK Uruguay | Home Away GK Group B Argentina | Home Away GK Greece | Home Away GK Korea Republic | Home Away GK Nigeria | Home Away GK Group C Algeria | Home Away GK England | Home Away GK Slovenia |...
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    Possible to convert kits?

    Is it possible that somebody could convert some FIFA 10 kits to FIFA 07 kits to complete the WC2010 collection??? Tnx in advance, guys!!!!(Y)
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    Does any1 has NK Domzale kits?

    Would really appreciate it if some1 could post kits of the Slovenian team NK Domzale. (Fifa 07, 06, or 2005)
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    Eredivisie 2007/2008 Kits

    Post the new kits of the Dutch Eredivisie here, please. It's much easier 2 find this way.
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    Player Rating Table

    What if you want to put for example Dynamo Kyiv in your game but you don't know the Rating of Diogo Rincón or Maris Verpakovskis? I got something for you guys what will help you decide what rating you are going to give a player. With hepl of, and this table you can...
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    What teams do you add with CC?

    For instance: I added Dynamo Kyiv, Levski Sofia and Dutch 2nd Division.
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    Retired players for International duties

    The World Cup is over and a lot of players don't play for their counrty anymore. And the first friendlies are in a couple of weeks. So please post the (international) retired players, for example. HOLLAND: Cocu Davids BRAZIL: Roberto Carlos Juninho Cafu
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    Creation Center Logo's

    Is there someone who can make CC 06 or 05 logo's to put on the FIFA game. Because I have 05 and I want to put the Chelsea and Tottenham logo's into my game, but the way I did it the logo's came on my game with bad quality. So if someone could help me with this, I would be very thankfull.
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    Teams 2006/2007

    Post here the team players+numbers that are known of the 2006/2007 season: For example: 1. Maarten Stekelenburg 2. John Heitinga 3. Jaap Stam (c) 4. Thomas Vermaelen 5. Urby Emanuelson 6. Hedwiges Maduro 7. Mauro Rosales 8. Ryan Babel 9. Klaas Jan Huntelaar 10. Wesley...
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    World Cup Injuries

    Post here the injuries of World Cup players and who will take their place. For example: Gibbs (USA) is injured, Berhalter plays now
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    GGD kits from GGD patch

    Could some1 post the kits from the Dutch GGD patch, plz. Because I was looking for the kits but I could only find some. Tnx in advance mates!!
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    Few questions about English 1st division!!!!

    Which places means relegation to Second division and which places you go to Premiership and are there play offs?? Because im currently playing with Milton Keynes in First Division, and i don't know when i relegate or go 2 Premiership so plz answer!!
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    FIFA 2005 Number Fonts

    Is it possible to import Fonts into FIFA 2005????? And if its possible, how?
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    World Cup Kits

    Post your World Cup kits. This way it will be ordened when people are searching for World Cup kits. Thank You.
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    World Cup 2006 Kits

    Post your kits of the teams who will play in Germany here plz. For example: (These kits were not made by me) Holland home Holland away
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    InGame names of selfmade teams

    My Creation Centre is English and my FIFA is Dutch so thats why my selfmade havent got names in FIFA itself. But does anyone know what I have to do to make names of selfmade teams visable in the game?
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    CC 2005 Language problems

    I got the dutch FIFA but when i install and save with the english CC all the players disappear in Fifa. Do you guys know what is going wrong?
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    Can you make new teams with CC2005?

    Can you make new teams with CC2005?
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    Chau Le when will it be finished?

    I've waiting for a long time so im asking you how long it will take btw tnx 4 making this cc again