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    Be a Pro - change kit number

    Hi, I am playing the "Be a pro" game and my player is now captain of the USA team. My problem is that he is assigned #62 as a striker. I was hoping that I could change the number once I made captain, but I don't see any options to do so. Any ideas? Is it possible?
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    Virtual Pro - how to make online debut?

    Hi, I want to unlock the selection of black boots on the VP. It says that I have to "make online debut". I've played a couple of online games, how do I get my Virtual Pro to make his debut to unlock this achievememt? Thanks
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    Where are the mini kits? No Gui/Assets/kits folder?

    Hi, Anyone know where the minikits are stored? Previous versions of fifa had a Gui/Assets/kits folder where you could easily add a new 3rd kit by creating a new j3_xxxx file for the mini, after updating the table_teamkits and adding the kit to the big file. Can I just create the folders and...
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    How can I Manually Promote a Team to start a new career?

    Hi, I am able to edit most anything in the fifa games and in the past I have been able to modify the fifa.db to promote and regulate teams to start a new career. I wanted to start a career with Southend United in the Eng League Championship and move Stoke to the Eng League 1. Here is what I...