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    so here's the deal

    I'll have a new PC next week, not exactly top notch, but still a huge improvement over my current PC. 2048 mb RAM dual core 2× 4gHz how many leagues from how many countries would you recommend
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    Ajax-PSV [Park & Ride]

    Yay. the new season opens: The Johan Fruitschaal! Traditionally played by Israel and Mexico. Israel has the bad habit of winning it. vs. Most important match of the whole season. Venue: Ataturk stadium. And of course: Huntelaar Discuss ladies
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    I'm bored

    Yay. Anyone up to play FM online with me? I'm on 7.0.2.
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    PSV Thread 2007/2008

    Yay. The new Carlos Salcido thread. It's about PSV. Kinda. I guess. Players in: Danko Lazovic (Vitesse) Tommie van der Leegte (Wolfsburg) Mike Zonneveld (NAC) Bas Roorda (Groningen) Jonathan Reis (somewhere in Brazil) Fagner (somewhere in Brazil) Players out: DaMarcus Beasley...
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    Zlatan sucks

    Happy birthday Max... ;) yay Im so happy for you (Y)
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    a request

    Hey, Im not actually requesting a sig or an avatar, but Im requesting something different. I've tried to find a decent kit-pack of FM07 with a good Roda JC away kit. I didnt find any though, so my question is, is anyone prepared to make me a nice kit of Roda JC. Basically it's enough to...
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    We officialy have the most stupid language on earth (except Turkish)

    Yes, it's true. We now have a new form of punctuation, we already had the question mark, exclamation mark etc. but now we have an irony-mark!!! It's even more stupid than that Spanish question mark at the start of a sentence. it looks like this:
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    lnc returning?

    Ok, so here's the deal: Removing the fake.lnc files was one of the first things I did. My current database has none, so the German and Dutch NT have real players and the German teams have correct names. Today, the fake German names returned though in my current save. How could this happen...
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    Away games

    Bah, I hate them. At home, I'm invincible, away I play like some relegation battler. I play a 4-1-3-2 formation, both home and away. At home i play a slow, wide, short game, away I switch between that and quick, wide, direct. Any tips on improving my away performances?
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    And the award for fair play goes to...

    ...Brondby. How sportive not to kick the ball out for a throw. The player was injured FFS, I had to subsitute him. What makes it worse is the fact it was a very even game, and Brondby won 1-0 because of that stupid goal. If that player wasnt lying injured there, it wouldve been offside...
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    fm online - opening ports on a router

    Max and I are trying to start an online fm game for a couple of days now. Unfortunatly, we dont have any success yet :( We opened the ports 10093 en 10094, as stated in the faq. We think the problem is Max using a router. In the faq this was stated: ''I think if you're using router, you...
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    online anyone?

    Is anyone up for an online game? I can either play 6.0.2 or 6.0.3, whatever you want. Preferably people from Europe, regarding the timezones.
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    searching for a league

    well, I want to start a new game, after winning the treble with West Brom, and I prefer it to be in a small league. I want to know, has anyone had fun games in really small leagues? In which league there are a lot of competitive teams. I tried Slovenia, but I kept winning 5-0, 6-1 etc...
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    where is it?

    I want to suspend my training, but where can I do that? It used to be in the options, and the tutorial still states that, but it isnt there, so how do you do it?
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    mouse problem

    Ive got a pretty annoying mouse problem atm. Sometimes (quite often actually) it recognizes a 1 click as a double click. So if I click on the internet icon, it sometimes opens 2 times. Or when I click on the x icon to close a program, it closes 2 programs (the 1st opened one, and the one opened...
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    SG Challenge #2 Cody's entry

    I tried to loan almost every player available for loan in germany, but they all rejected :( Im selling Glinker though, so after that im allowed to buy. (H) Im going to rely on 17 year old Muller in the mid, he looks good, especially physically Yay, Borussia Dortmund in the first cup...
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    Woohoo, Im able to play FM again (H) (Y) After more than a month I couldnt, and I got my PC back after 8 days, woohoo. Question though: I reinstalled FM, my PC was formatted, and ofcourse, I placed my superb tactics, saves, databases, pictures etc. which I burned on a CD before I brought...
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    pfff, just help me again....

    Ok, im having a little bit of problems, recently i got a new motherboard, as my old one broke, it is as fast as the old one, and most my games run better (due to a new gfx card, finally PES without slowdowns). BUT, the game that I love most, my dear FM, doesnt run well anymore. Processing is...
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    help me :(

    Ok, im a noob, I have to reinstall FM, but of course, I dont want to lose my data, I already made a back-up of my training schedules, saved games and database, but I cant find my own made tactics, I dont want to lose them, they are obviously all uber-tactics (what did you think, they're made by...
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    Eredivisie Thread 2005/06

    Eredivisie 04/05: Teams: Ado Den Haag Ajax AZ Feyenoord FC Groningen SC Heerenveen Heracles Almelo (promoted) NAC Breda NEC Nijmegen PSV RBC Roosendaal RKC Waalwijk Roda JC Sparta Rotterdam (promoted) FC Twente FC Utrecht Vitesse Willem II Last season league table: 1 PSV...