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    New leagues for FIFA 10 in .cmp

    New leagues for FIFA 10 in .cmp
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    Player Generator - New utility for FIFA 10

    The program I developed to simplify the modding in FIFA 10, namely the automatic creation of players from databases. Now you can create only on This is a beta version, there are a number of unresolved issues. But in general, the program is workable and performs its function. FIFA...
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    Russian premier league 19/20 update

    Hello. I make beta-version of 19/20 update of Russian Premier League in .cmp. It's not FULL update, in this version i make: -New squads for all 16 teams -Good logo for all teams and league -New kits for FC Tambov (There are no other forms yet. If someone does, add to this thread) -New squad for...