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    Classic National Team Patches and Historical World Cups + Qualifying

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    Historic World Cups 1930-1974

    I found my old files while going through my external backup hard-drive. I'm pretty sure this has complete tournaments from 1930 through 1974 with qualification. I am also pretty sure that it is for FIFA 09. It might be another year. I'm not certain. If it does you any good, here you go...
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    FIFA 15 Hashing Algorithm

    I'm trying to get a hold of FIFA's hashing algorithm for 15. I have come across a few resources and am still working on implementing them. Namely:
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    Toward A Uniform (Quantitative) Worldwide Rating System: A Plea To The Community

    Toward a uniform (quantitative) worldwide rating system: A plea to the community to develop standards At present, player ability ratings are highly subjective and highly variable. Each individual creator selects their preferred values while denigrating all other's ratings. These ratings are...
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    The Every League Project

    ---------------------BACKUP YOUR FIFA DATA BEFORE IMPORTING ANYTHING!--------------------------------------------------------- I'm nothing if not quixotic. Therefore, I endeavor to add as many leagues as possible to FIFA. I aim to keep adding them until I reach some insurmountable obstacle...
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    Cannot Get This League To Work In Career Mode

    I'm trying to create a simple Jamaican Premier league with just generic kits. Everything works in tournament mode. I cannot figure out what I am missing to get it working in the career. Career mode does not crash if I play with a team from another league. It only crashes when I select a...
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    Worksheet To Assist In Scheduling Tournament Legs and Matches

    I made a little editable worksheet on google sheets that can help in calculating how many legs and matches per leg you may need for a given group or league. I know this math isn't too tough. But, if you don't want to do the math or don't know how then this worksheet can help. Here is the...
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    All 2014 National Teams (CMP - Preliminary)

    Backup your FIFA 15 files before you import any new patches. I created all the National teams using pseudo 2014 rosters. It was the best data I could find en masse. This is still preliminary and there are problems with some of the rosters. But, they should all be playable. I'm still testing...
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    Has Anyone Successfully Added A New Intl. Tournament That Works In Career Mode?

    The title is the question. Has anyone actually successfully added a new international tournament to career mode and made it work? If so, can you detail exactly how you did it or provide any pointers. I've spent hours searching for an answer to this and many more hours trying to test various...
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    Cannot Figure Out How To Add An International Tournament

    I come to you in desperation. I cannot solve this problem. I found a work around for the international friendlies problem. But, I can add new national teams to tournaments or add existing teams to New tournaments. If I add a new tournament, it seems to crash every time. Even simple...
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    Where Are Custom Tournament Default Settings Stored?

    I hope I am posting this in the right place. Does anyone know where the default settings for custom tournaments are stored. When I start a new tournament or before a random fixture begins, the game will switch the settings back to 4 minutes. It was a bigger issue in FIFA 14. E.g., I will...
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    Roster Maker 15 (RM 15) by mrliioadin

    Welcome everyone! I'm announcing a new program designed to improve the speed with which we create and import rosters into the game! Essentially this will allow you to more quickly convert online or excel data into content which FIFA can read and understand. Many of us have rosters or other...
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    Clarification On National Teams & Career Mode

    How many national teams can one add to the International League before experiencing crashing in career mode? Can alternative tournaments be made? Do they work? I've been looking around on here (trying to do my homework) to see how much of this I could answer on my own. I'm wondering if...
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    Changes In CM Do Not Save

    I used database master extensively in 2011 but just switched to 2014 and can't get it to work. If I import a new table, it appears that it imported properly. I save. Then, if I try to open Creation Master or reopen a new database master instance, all the changes are gone. I've spent the last...
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    FIFA Keeps Changing My Difficulty Settings

    After I play a few matches in custom tournament or be a pro mode, FIFA suddenly decides to change the difficulty and the half length. I have tried reinstalling the game. I have verified before each match that the settings are still what I set them to. It appears that the problem occurs when I...
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    Calculating Player Overall?

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    Modification of Regularcat's gameplay

    I loved Regularcat's gameplay. But, I quickly got past it and was scoring 5-7 goals per game with through balls past the outside back. So, I endeavored to try to modify it to address some of my concerns. My over goal was this to bring down the number of goals scored both ways. I also...
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    CM Backward Compatibility Question

    As some of you may remember distantly, I used to make tons of national teams back in the days of FIFA09. After school picked up, I just couldn't dedicate the same amount of time to it as I used to. I also was broke and couldn't afford to keep up with the newest game each time. I did finally...
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    Updated Rosters for International Teams

    Backup your files before you do anything!!! I'm working more broadly on a 2014 world cup patch with full qualification. At the moment, I am in the process of finishing the caribbean teams. I have about 6 teams left to make but was backing up my files and thought I could go ahead and share the...