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    some suggestions please

    I have installed ModdingwayMod with EL and CL + Chinese Superleague + Greece Superleague and everything is ok, tho', when I play in career mode I never receive transfers bid from teams belonging to these countrys, is it something wrong with my db? is it possible to make teams like Olympiakos...
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    any help will be appreciated

    can anyone help me with an ID for Gareth Bale free kick style please? I want to assign to other players GB Free Kick style but I can't find any ID, I looked on his table on DB Master and his FK id is 0. Somebody knows how can I manage to assign other players free kick with Gareth Bale style?
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    Fifa 16 faces converted for Fifa 15

    Tutorial how to convert faces from Fifa 16 to Fifa 15: First of all, you need to download from here ALL Fifa 16 files you need: Hairs and Hairlod - Face textures - Heads Xbox 360 version...
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    Need Some Help, Please..

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    Kit Numbers Problem

    can someone tell me what is wrong here? or what I have to do to resolve this problem? In game menu -> customize -> everything seems to be ok: but if I want to start a game...
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    Advice Please?

    can someone tell me what the heck is this? everytime when I try to buy a player in career mode, even if I play with Chelsea or some others big teams, I get a stupid counter offer from the player, and I don't really understand his demands, cause I can offer him the big fucking contract and he...
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    FIFA 14/15 Stadiums Links

    can somebody give me some links from where I can download more stadiums for fifa 14/15, I mean others stadiums from what we can find on soccergaming, moddingway and this megaupload account!uYtgmCqT!MKAvQ750QnjQNZ8AwSqYwg? i'd be very grateful if someone gives me an...
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    Stadium Help

    sorry for opening a new thread, hope somebody can help me with an advice. I have imported some stadium from fifa 14 with shawminator tool, most of them are working, but there are some stadiums that gives me headache. if anyone have an advice for me what to do to resolve this problem, a trick or...
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    TT Arena

    can someone give me the download link of this TT Arena version please? with sponsor on the pitch behind the goalpost and with that black color of the pitch.
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    what is the difference?

    What are deep nets from Creation Master?Different net model or what? someone answer me please.
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    please help me guys!

    please can someone tell me where can I find Juventus 11/12 kits? sorry for the new thread, I will delete it.
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    please help !!!

    has someone different net goals, different colour? like in france stadium, the colour of the net it's green. please help me. sorry for the new thread, I will delete.