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  1. drigOrange

    Commentary All links off

    Hello friends. Does anyone know where I can find a commentary pack? All links are disabled. I've been looking for months. :facepalm: I'm from Brazil, would love to get the English (or Spanish) language if you have it please share the file. Thank you!
  2. drigOrange

    Fat Players!

    Hello friends. It is unfortunate this issue that occurred in the PC version. Total disregard on the part of EA. The players are fat. Look at Messi and Mbappe in this picture. It looks like it's an image distortion that happens in some camera angles. In my opinion, it is by far the worst bug in...
  3. drigOrange

    Create Movies CG File Server - What's the Enigma?

    Hello friends. I'm working on patch that will work by SERVER, so I would get Movies "those intro". The procedure seems to be simple, basing myself on the tutorial. Now I come across the biggest obstacle. This is the tool. Look below. So, I downloaded the tool, but, it is TOTALLY...
  4. drigOrange

    A critical observation

    Job Abdullah UAE is magnificent, others KITMAKERS should take as an example, using the original bases, so would enhance the whole game. But it's not what happens. Only spend recreating kits "content that exists and there is no need to replace." The community should be more united and...
  5. drigOrange

    Please Help With DB Master

    Hello friends will try to explain "maybe someone from soccergaming understand how to do." When you open the DB Master teamkit table presents so I do not know how to copy the columns to add new kits. For example: Alternative Home Stoke City. So I just need to copy the Home and change the number...
  6. drigOrange

    Improvement ModdingWay - 2.4.0

    Hello friends... Description: This is a general enhancement that brings together the best material that was made available by its creators. It took months of improvement seeking to achieve maximum quality in Fifa 15, prioritizing the season 2014/15. Download: *Size 18,4 GBs PARTE 1 PARTE 2...
  7. drigOrange

    File Master 15

    File Master 15 someone get me a link, or the program? He is out. Can not download. Please.
  8. drigOrange

    Minikit Issue

    What happens is a mystery. By CM 15, I added many third kits, as well as alternative. That are perfect. But there seems to be a problem with the minikits that RANDOM begin to be white, not being recognized IN GAME. See an example of the 3 Kit America Mexico. ...
  9. drigOrange

    ][guNNer]['s Allsvenskan Kits

    Hello friends. I will provide the kits I made for Swedish league "improvement". Adjustments sponsors, armband, badge, especially the goalkeepers, etc. The base and template used, loans are the big KITMAKERS forum. Moswell and makispla. I leave my thanks. Seek some times, the original basis of...
  10. drigOrange

    Kit Help

    Well, this to me is a mystery and not know what else I can do. I can not enable the CM, these packs. An example: VfB Stuttgart kit_36_0_0.rx3 (home Ok) kit_36_1_0.rx3 (Away Ok) kit_36_2_0.rx3 (GK Ok) kit_36_3_0.rx3 (Third Ok) kit_36_4_0.rx3 (Alternate Ok) Now is the puzzle is...
  11. drigOrange

    The Best Kits - ModdingWay 2.5.1

    ----Contents: (all DB's except Default) *All kits improved, third, alternatives many kitnumbers - Brasileirão, Camp Nacional Petrobras, Liga Postobón, Liga Bancomer MX, Primera División Superligaen, T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and 2. Bundesliga. Bônus: Flamengo patch/logo Champion of the Brazil Cup...
  12. drigOrange

    The latest kits... look!

    Hello friends, someone there could tell me where to find the kits of Jupiler League? Because they already looked at several sites of the Internet and I could not find. It seems a mystery that no one says anything about it. Not here soccergaming mentioned in these kits. And there some...