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  1. Damko87

    I am asking for help in sewing kits for Vanarama National League from Football Meanager 2022

    Hello Gentlemen, I wanted to ask for help in converting the Football Menager 2022 to FIFA tunes for the Vanarama National League for this 21/22 season I need these kits for the patch I am creating for Fify 16 under the Infinity Patch I have downloaded sets personally I do not have time to...
  2. Damko87

    The Problem With Shoes In FIFA 16

    hello i have a problem with the shoes after uploading eep 16 competitors have shoes before the feet
  3. Damko87

    Nordjyske Arena FX Help

    Hi I have a problem with the stadium Nordjyske Arena, a stadium works in FIFA 15 but I have the following problem with the illumination I can not set fx in this stadium and assign any fx for some help
  4. Damko87

    No Night In Stadiums

    hello i have uploaded a few stadiums to play, I got them as clones and does not work me night on these stadiums please help