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  1. Sepak

    SG Youtube Button

    I have made an extension for google chrome that will allow you to paste a youtube link and will parse it to being able to embed it in the forums. A firefox version might be in the way as well. Installation Guide: 1. Download the extension from here: 2. Open Google...
  2. Sepak

    Sepak's Faces

    I might be back. We'll see.
  3. Sepak

    What are your opinions on the Colombia-Venezuela border crysis?

    Maduro has gone absolutely apeshit deporting colombians, just for the fact of being colombians. Shit is getting really intense around here and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter. For those who don't know, here's a good video about it: G5QbLImq3Vc
  4. Sepak

    Who's your favourite national hero?

    Mine is Gustavo Rojas Pinilla. Army general, dictator and arguably the greatest president to have governed Colombia. He gained the presidency with a coup d'état, known as the "golpe de opinión" because it didn't require a single gun to do it, in 1953. He was part of the worst era in the history...
  5. Sepak

    FIFA 15 Gamepad Problem Solution

    Thanks to jmmontoro:
  6. Sepak

    Cerati has died

    You might not know him but he is one of the rock gods of Latin America, a wonderful musician and one of my favourites of all time, so many good memories I have with his songs. After years being in coma, he has finally deceased. I don't know why this hit me so hard :S The first kiss I gave to...
  7. Sepak

    Gabo's dead

  8. Sepak

    All Time Players over 30 XI

    Choose the best players XI after they turned 30 years old. Without consideration of how they were before their 30's.
  9. Sepak

    All-Time Bald XI

    What would be your All-Time XI team consisting only of players who were/have been bald for most of their career?
  10. Sepak

    How many members do you think have died?

    I was just wondering, there are 143384 registered members and like 1000 still active, How many of those do you think have died after a decade and a lustrum?
  11. Sepak

    SG Draft 2013 - FIFA Phase

    So yeah, I'm doing it, I think I can make it all by my self. Choose your team kits. Kits: 1. Sir Didier Drogba: France 2. Back Door Skip: Palermo 3. Mandieta6: Belgium 4. Andrei: Schalke 04 5. Filipower: Porto 6. ShiftyPowers: Seattle Sounders 7. Dytza: Atletico Madrid 8. Xaviesta: Bayern...
  12. Sepak

    Why do people disappear at this hour?

    Seriously, all people around the world confabulate to not post at this specific lapse of time, it's really scary.:md:
  13. Sepak

    Cats like Stravinsky

    Seriously, I'm amazed. I played Stravinsky's The Firebird and my cat spent 48 minutes in front of the speaker while the whole piece was played, the cat barely moved from there. It was cool.
  14. Sepak

    Photos For Face Makers

    Post and Request for HD Pics for your faces here!
  15. Sepak

    Face Request Thread

    dont be selfish or unreasonable when requesting as it will only get you nothing in the end. dont post requests in face makers threads, post your requests here using this guideline. Preferred Face Maker(s) - Face(s) -
  16. Sepak

    FIFA 14 Faces Archive

    You know the deal, post the download of your faces here. Don't go off topic. It will only be allowed to post downloads, the rest will be moderated.
  17. Sepak

    FIFA 14 Faces - General Discussion/Tutorials/Tools

    Here it is a complete guide to edit everything related to Faces(textures, hairs, heads, etc). First, the tools: FIFA 12 CYBER FACE CONVERTER: -Compatible with FIFA 12/13/14. This tool allows you to convert faces from .rx3 format to .cff format. Besides it comes with a script for Blender 2.49b...
  18. Sepak

    World's Best 255 Pixels

  19. Sepak

    The Colombian National Football Team Thread

    COLOMBIA NT Nickname - Los Cafeteros FIFA ranking - 6 Confederation - CONMEBOL Manager - José Néstor Pékerman Squad: Goalkeepers: David Ospina (Niza), Faryd Mondragón (Deportivo Cali), Camilo Vargas (Santa Fe). Defenders: Luis Amaranto Perea (Cruz Azul), Aquivaldo Mosquera...
  20. Sepak

    you like my drawing?