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    FIFA XBOX360 & PS3 editing tools -- A dream that is coming true in 2012 --

    Dear all, If you play FIFA for PC, then I think you know me ;) If you don't, then read my resume below: - I started editing FIFA games in 2006. - I developed lots of patches for FIFA06, 2006 FWC, FIFA07, FIFA08, FIFA09, FIFA10 demo. - I contributed in CM07 & DBM07 development (when I was...
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    File Manager 11, Edit all archived files in FIFA 11 PC -- Release Date TBA --

    Hi all, A new Game with a new structure, but yet, No one can stop editing. That's why I am planning to release my new tool that can browse/edit all files stored in the "dataX.big". The tool is named File Manager 11. Beta2.1 Release Date: 04/12/2010. Beta2.1 Features: - Browse/edit all...
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    .:::: Bassio's Undershirts Patch for FIFA09 ::::.

    This patch replaces the original EAsports' player model with another one allowing players to wear undershirts instead of long sleeved shirts. This model is developed using Skeptik's untucked model as the base model. ScreenShots: Installation: - Unrar the...
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    .:::: Bassio's Undershirts Patch 2010 ::::.

    Hi all, I thought of doing this patch when I played FIFA10 for PS3 and found some players wearing undershirts. I wondered why can't we have such a realistic option in our PC game !!! I decided to start making the patch after reading some requests on this great forum...
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    Now released, I haven't tested it yet but I think it is not fake, it is at Rinaldo's page.;11891852;/fileinfo.html/1/1
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    Memory locations - help needed

    Does any body know the memory location that stores the current score of the game ? I was able to detect the location storing the total number of goals (home goals + away goals), but I wasn't able to find a location containing each one's score or even the difference. BTW, the location I...
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    FIFA 08 African Cup Of Nations edition

    FIFA 08 ACN edition is an updated version of FIFA 08 PATCH INFO: Added tournaments (4): - Egyptian premier league (16 teams available in career mode) - EURO 2008 (finals containing 16 teams with right groups and fixtures) - ACN 2008 (finals containing 16 teams with right groups and fixtures) -...
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    Fsh Resizer to convert 2G kits to 1G kits

    Hi every body, I think that some people suffer from having 2G kits due to the crashes caused by these kits, so now I present my new tool which will help you t convert all your 2G kits to 1G kits by a single click. All what you have to do is to put all your fsh files into a folder, then run the...