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    2020-21 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    a 2021/2022 patch on fifa 12 is planned? possibly? if so, which files should be used and converted?
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    FIFA Converter (Models & Textures)

    hello, I am trying to convert files from fifa 21 on switch to fifa 12 pc. i am using fifa converter and have no problem converting: - head_model - face_textures - hair_model - hairlod_model I get a good result on master 12 creation but when i try to convert the 2 hair rx3 files (the ones to...
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    FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16

    Hello, this link FIRST PACK: is dead can you reupload pls
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    FIFA 21 Legacy Edition Switch (Extract)

    this link is dead anyone to reupload pls ?
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    New Faces Converted [tokke001]

    it is possible to convert faces, hair from these files on Fifa 12 pc with Fifa converter? FIFA 21 pc to 11 (StarHeads) [minipack] v1.4 : Link * FIFA 21 pc to 11 [Tigres UANL-pack] v1.3 : Link * FIFA 21 pc to 11 [Volta-pack] v1.4 : Link * FIFA 21 to 11 (StarHeads) v1.4 : Link update 13.09.21 *...
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    New Faces Converted [tokke001]

    hello, when i open fifa 11 in creation master I have this problem with most faces (except messi, cr7, bale, kroos ...). while in the game they work very well and some players have no errors but have a generic face is there an explanation? thank you