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    Crash in Manager Mode

    At the end of 4th season my manager mode is getting crashed , can someone tell me how to fix it........I am playing with Nariman's patch.
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    Fifa db after 2012 winter transfer

    anyone has db after the 2012 winter transfer....plsss share.
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    Custom Formation

    Anyone has made any custom formation with offensive and defensive runs please share....:)
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    Balls for leagues

    Plss share balls for epl , spnaish league , bundesliga , italian seria , french league
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    stadiums for fifa 08

    Plss share all compatible stadiums for fifa 08........ or share a good site for stadiums download The link available in this forum are dead mostly
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    Champions league in first year of manager mode

    Came upon this patch on fifakorea site..... calender evolution patch...... U can play champions league in the first year and can control two teams.
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    Fifa Kick Master 08

    Anyone knows or have a tutorial for fifa kick master plss kindly share
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    Number Of Subs

    Can someone tell me how to increase the number of subs from 5 to 7.......i increase them in settings but they didnt seem to work.
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    Names in play

    Someone plss share updated audio file for fifa 08. There is a link for that in this forum but its not working.
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    fifa 08 crashes in manager mode

    hey guys i downloaded the updated db 2012/2013 for fifa 08 from this forum. it work fine with spanish league and other league but crashed with barclays premiere league Can someone tell me what is wrong and how to fix it
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    2012/2013 updated db

    Can someone plss share 2012/2013 updated db for fifa 08 playable in manager mode...
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    Commentary name for a created player.

    Does anyone know how to add commentary name for a created player in fifa 08 ?
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    Commentary in Fifa 08

    Does anyone have an updated audio file for fifa 08 so that the commentator calls out the name of all players.