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  1. Gantavya

    Gantavya's Gameplay Mod V1

    V1 Of My Gameplay Mod. Adds - 1) Slower Gameplay 2) Harder To Change Directions 3) More Curl On The Ball 4) Ball stays in the air for longer 5) More Fouls In Matches(Specially In Rival) 6) Organized Team Press 7) Harder CPU 8) No More Ping Pong Passes 9) More Finnese Shots By CPU Note - I have...
  2. Gantavya

    Help With Frosty Mod Manager Not Working ON EA Desktop

    Hey I have EA Play with XBOX Game Pass And It Uses EA Desktop. Frosty Mod Manager does not work with it. Any Fix?
  3. Gantavya

    Gantavya's Gameplay Mod V2 Fixed GK

    Same features as the previous mod + Alright Here Is The V2 Of My Gameplay Mods. It fixes V1 Issues And Adds New Content 1) Smoother Animations 2) More Intense Matches(Lot Of Action) 3) CPU Is Much More Quicker In Making Decisions 4) As Per Feedback Of Users, The Change of Direction Is More Tough...