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    The free transfer game (it's the rage!!!)

    Hey guys! Bored of your current game? Dont know what to do? Who to manage? Then play the free transfer game!:D This update puts every player in the game without clubs, and it's your job to poach these players! Now's your chance to make your very own dream team, and see some unlikely teams...
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    It's over...

    Dont try to tell me otherwise. Dont tell me there's so and so games left. Dont tell me that it's not over till it's over with Man Utd cause I'm sick of it. The 98/99 season is over people, stop hinting that theres some kinda magic in the team that enables them to magically come back. It could've...
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    Ok this is REALLY getting stupid now...

    Somebody in the media(or SI *cough*) got hit with the stupid stick... That was my bloody victory!!!! I'm the manager of WOKING not sunderland!!! :f***:
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    King Woking:Ascendancy to the Prem.

    ...well maybe in a few years.:brow: After trying my hand at managing Man Utd, and other big clubs, I found no fullfillment. No real happiness. It got boring after like the 5th match, and I struggled to find a good team to manage, so I went on the Nationwide website, had a look at the club who I...
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    Arjen Robben deal collapses

    From PSV Eindhoven president Harry van Raaij has hit out at Manchester United for halving their offer for young striker Arjen Robben. Van Raaij claimed he had agreed a £10million deal `in principle' with former Red Devils chief executive Peter Kenyon for 20-year-old Robben...
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    Why isn't the German League taken seriously?

    I've been noticing this, but the German Bundesliga hasn't been noticed much. I mean, they get more teams in European Finals than the EPL, yet they aren't noticed much. Also, at almost each match, the stadiums are packed and the fans are very supportive. The style of play is also good, and very...
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    Wanna rate my new sig and avatar?

    Hey guys, I dunno if this deserves a whole new thread, so maybe I'll add new sigs to it later. But for now, what do u think about my sig? I think it's one of the best I ever made, and I'm certainly proud of it, but I want some of the pros out there to judge it. Dont O.D on the criticism though...
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    When r we gonna have a challenge?

    Hey guys, a lot of other CM sites around have regular CM challenges, so why not us? We used to have a nice one but those forums are as dead as a doornail(???). Hows about we use this thread to come up with possible leagues and/or clubs to take over and bring glory to?!:D Then maybe the mods can...
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    Players u sign because of their name

    manufan=Ok I'm signin' him. Assistant manager= I dont believe signing him will be worthwile. manufan=Screw you I'm signing him! So, who are some players you'll sign....not based on skill, not based on talent....BUT BASED ON THERE NAME!(H) For me, I'd sign Camel Meriem(I think he...
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    Does anyone wanna make a poor pauper a nice sig?

    Hey everyone, I have no sig making talent at all, and my old one was getting...well...old.:p Does anyone wanna be kind enough to make me one? Please, no hurried, cut n' paste sloppy work.:( If you make me a nice one that I really like, I might make a nice wallpaper sized render of a 3d saleen...
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    ~3d Art~ Saleen S7 Tire

    Sup people. I see a lot of nice pixel and other 2d art on here, so I'm posting something in 3d for once.:) It's a tire I made for a car I'm currently modelling (the Saleen s7), so I'll post renders of the car as well. For now though, I'll show you a pic of the wheel I'm working on atm. Enjoy!:bob:
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    SG United Kit colors?

    Hey, since it's a new version of Champ. Man. with some new about we change the kit colors a little?:) I personally'd like to see a dark blue and gold for the home kit, a greay and black for away. Not sure about the 3rd kit. What do you guys think?
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    Why cant you drop dead Sepp Blatter??

    Jeez I hate this guy. He's been nothing but a pain in the ass with this whole Rio situation. He already pressured the fa into rashly overdoing Rio's punishment, now he threatens Man Utd??? He didn't even know what happened! He wasn't there when rio missed the training session! He was prolly at...
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    Fix this NOW EA...

    I only have one gripe with fifa 2004 and it's this. The PLayer's reaction time is waaaay too slow. Its starting to get on my freakin nerves. You know how many times my perfect one touch passes and build up has been totally undone by a player still running when I wanted to run the other way? What...
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    Think the game is too easy? Here's your solution.

    Turn the freakin difficulty up. :rolleyes: All this :" The goalkeeper sucks" or "The gameplay sux" is annoying. Download the demo expander and expand the half number so you have more time to play a real game of football. Leave the ameteur difficulty to the newbies.
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    Come share you fifa 2004 stories!

    Juventus 5-1 Milan Nedved 2, Del Piero 2, Trezeguet 1 Pirlo 1 Using the demo expander, I expanded each half to 10 minutes, allowing me to play more of a passing football game. No, this wasn't one of the older fifa's drubbings. This was a real football match. A football match that...
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    Name the future lineup of your fav. national team for 2006

    Post the future lineup for the 2006 world cup! I prefer England so I'd say ------------------------Robinson------------------------ -----G.Johnson-------R.Ferdinand------S.Campbell------W.Bridge -----D.Beckham-------P.Scholes--------S.Gerrard-------J.Cole...
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    Help with home network

    Hi all. I fell out with my dad and now I dont have any internet. All I know is that he asked for my IP address then he went to his pc and did something that excluded my pc from getting internet on the home network. What has he done and what can I do to get it back because I will not be...
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    Your fave Beats

    My favorite beats are Sean Paul, beenie man, Shaggy or any reggae/soca y Rap. You?:jambo:
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    What would you do(for soccer) if you were a billionare?(like Abramovic)

    If I were a billionare, I would buy Manchester United. I would give them a transfer budget of 300 million and a bank balance of 700 million. And I would MAKE them sign some good players. I would expand the stadium filling all the ends and making it a capacity of 90000. What would you do if you...