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    PS3/Xbox Editting

    No idea why the console forums got closed, so looks like this needs a separate thread. Anyway I got tired of PC editing a long time, but the new creation centre has made me appreciate the work people do here once again but with the forums being very PC biased the work people are putting into...
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    World Cup Drinking Games

    I was playing one yesterday that I came up with totally at random and it seemed to work well and from two games it got me to a nice stage of drunkenness. What we was basically doing was taking a drink of beer for every replay they showed and then doubled the amount if they showed another...
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    Carling Cup Final: Aston Villa x Manchester United [P+R]

    Aston Villa vs. Manchester United Sunday, 28th February 2010, Wembley Stadium To be honest I am not really that bothered about this being a Liverpool match, naturally I want Aston Villa to win though. Well all that changed a matter of minutes ago when I watched and listened (more like...
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    Football3s I've just recently discovered this website and it really looks to me to be the future of online football/social networking. If you visit the website then you'll see a video which shows what this website is all about much better than I can describe with words but I...
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    curswine's kit concoctions

    I'll post whatever I make here, don't expect loads though. It'll be once in a blue moon that I make anything but I think for other people it would be nice for me to post what I make. I'll leave this first post free as a kit of contents... Iceland Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur / KR...
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    Anybody working on editting?

    Is anybody working on how to edit the games? (Xbox/PS3) I would be willing to create graphics (kits, flags, fonts etc) if this is at all possible to add teams (maybe leagues) to the console versions. I am just a bit disappointed that the ps2 and pc versions got the Russian league but was...
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    Adidas Graphic Novels

    I've read through them and they're all very cringe worthy, if they're not traced then a lot of the artwork can be admired but the plot is, well it's lost it. It did give me a good chuckle though. Lightning Strika' Adebayor :rofl:
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    Football kit competition

    I know I am going to get smacked wrists for this but the mods have to catch me first :P Just want to let all you fabulous kit designers know that over at we're going to be holding a kit making competition very soon and their is a prize involved, which I can't disclose yet...
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    Logos request thread

    Well I have just noticed there isn't one of these, shock shock horror. Unless I'm just blind. I'm in dyer need of Spur's Mansion logo, can't find a decent version anywhere, so please help this man in need out will you? I don't ask for much :innocent_smile_1:
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    Original FIFA kits

    Hi, Could people please post some original versions of the following kits from the game please? Dortmund Home HSV H/A/Third(?) Hertha Home Schalke Home Werder Home and Away Bordeaux Away and Third Lyon Home St. Etienne Home WBA Home and Away or better still could someone send me...
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    An Ultimate Player Achievement

    I was just wondering if anyone knows a player who has won the top league title in Spain, England and Italy at any period in history. I have been racking my brain for about half an hour now and the closest I can come is two league titles but never three. If Milan win Serie A then you could...
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    Funniest Steve McClaren interview EVER!!!

    Ok Maybe it could even be the funniest interview ever, Mr McClaren has taken to the Dutch language like an elephant in an ice rink. Prepare to weep until you are dead, instead of speaking dutch he just does some funny piss take accent, my lord, he gets more and more like Dsvid Brent from The...
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    Eastern European football

    In a month or so I will be embarking on a tour around eastern Europe and I am determined to get to see some games. I have checked out what is according to my schedule and it looks like I won't be too disappoints: SK Slavia Praha - 1. FC Brno ŠK Slovan Bratislava - FC Zlaté Moravce MTK...
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    Danish songs

    Alright people, just wondering if anyone can give me a few names of some 'cult' Danish karaoke songs. One in particular is bugging me, but I don't think I have the correct name for it, something like 'Æbelmand' I think, would be great if some educated Dane here could fill me in, ta. much love x
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    Kitmakers discuss...

    Orite everybody, Hope everyone is doing well here that and I know and those that I don't too, well it's been some time since I've properly been in this forum and have probably lost touch with peoples styles and stuff, so just as a bit of a refresher I was wondering would anyone be willing to...
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    Dear EA, PC patch ruins the game and here is why...

    Posted on behalf of a certain banned member: I agreed to post this because I totally agreed with the point raised in it and believe the people of this board should be able to read what the new EA patch is like before they decide whether or not to download it themselves.
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    curswine's kits thread

    Index Croatia Dinamo Zagreb: Home Denmark FC Copenhagen: Home Away Third Goalkeeper Faroe Islands B36 Tórshavn: Home Away Goalkeeper Germany 2. Bundesliga 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Home Away Goalkeeper Regionalliga FC St. Pauli: Home Goalkeeper...
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    New kit format

    Looks much better to me, got rid of those ******* captain sleeves :D
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    Kit Layout

    I made this which should be helpful to people making kits for FIFA06...
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    curswine's kit thread(no requests)

    Got the first thread in the new forum :) Hope to make a lot of good kits for this game just need to get used to learning and using new techniques.