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  1. nick007


    i have the corner flags in the flags folder e.g cornerflag_1...cornerflag_2 but they r not showing in game i noticed fifa 15 is different layout e.g cornerflag_240_0_0 and cornerflag_241_0_0(is this the correct layout of files). any help would b great.
  2. nick007

    fifa 14 stadiums

    can anyone tell me if fifa 14 stadiums work in fifa 16. thanks.
  3. nick007


    i am adding some fantasy kits and some 3rd kits but then im have some crashes with VILLA, SOUTHAMPTON AND WEST HAM. ive taken them out regen and file master but in game when i pick them the game crashes to desktop(its only certain teams that crash i added kits to arsenal man u and man city with...
  4. nick007


    what size does the kitnumbers in the kitfolder have to be via file explorer i got some on 128x256 some DXT 3 128X128. i need to know exact 1 cause the others do not load on kitscreen in game when u choose sides. any help would b great. thanks in advance
  5. nick007

    banners & flags

    can anyone tell me where i can get banners(mainly) & flags lots missing belgium france etc i had them but overwrote them by accident in the folder i got england spanish e.g need more??????
  6. nick007


    does anyone have fifa file explorer 14 any version i can find moddingway or zippyshare download but my norton antivirus on or off does not let me get 2 the webpage to download it. any help would b great.
  7. nick007


    how do i add specific kit numbers 2 teams can anyone help this is really annoying me????
  8. nick007


    how do i create kitnumbers for 3rd,4th 6th kit so on i have fifa 19 numbers but only home & away. here is what i have for example specifickitnumbers 1919_1_0_0, 1919_1_0_1, 1919_1_0_2 then specifickitnumbers 1919_2_0_0, 1919_2_0_1, 1919_2_0_2. how do i create the 3rd, 4th etc. thanks in...
  9. nick007


    can anyone help with adding new players audio commentary(not in game) thanks in advance. i can add them but not hear it in the game.
  10. nick007

    England women squad

    Does anyone have a cmp of england women squad file as i have lost the team in cm16
  11. nick007

    Women International Squads

    I have seem to have lost the all women's rosters copying some stuff from db master i'm not sure what i have missed out on copying over but logo's and everything else is ok. the players are in the db but not in rosters. Any help would b great. i have a screenprint but unfortunately i cannot...
  12. nick007

    Premier League Font & Numbers

    does anyone have the new premier league font & numbers i seen them somewhere but cannot think where they are. Any help would b great.
  13. nick007

    Adding Commentary Names

    how do i add commentary names for people who have no commentary in game. Ive gone to audio(left of gloves) in cm16 and tried add name to directory with id not used in game but still no sound in game. any help would be grateful.
  14. nick007

    New EFL Championship Kits 16/17

  15. nick007

    Green & blue squares on kits

    i have green & blue squares on kits when i play matches i think this is quite common but i cant work out how to sort this problem
  16. nick007


    how to i get the sceneassets folder... kits to show up in cm 14 trying to get all kits to the db but there not showing up ???????????(IVE REGENERATED) with FIFA I-68 REGENERATOR but when i load the game up still the old kits although the transfers from the db are updated to 16-17.
  17. nick007

    Custom Tournament

    how do you create a tournament in cm 16??????????????
  18. nick007

    Adding Stadiums To New DB

    I have the new modding way database with updated transfers 29th july but all my stadiums from previous db are not present. How do i get all my stadiums to the new DB??? any help would be great. thanks in advance.
  19. nick007


    How do i attach jpg's to the forum i have a screenprint of a problem but cannot attach the files.
  20. nick007

    Creation Master

    In Creation Master i want to update the promotions & relegations for the england league. i have moved the teams to the correct division but in game the are still the same as they are now. I've regenerated the game with i-68 regenerator and still nothing happens. Any help would b great.:mambo: