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    unlock sponsor (locale.ini)

    Is that means I must modify every single SQUAD file when EA releases a new one?
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    Isssu of decrypt data\locale.ini file

    Hi guys, FIFA 22's data\locale.ini is an encryption file. Is there any way to decrypt it? Thanks
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    How To Install HD Texture, 2048x2048 ?

    use CG File Explorer bro. you can download it at:
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    Tonce's Kits

    Yes please! 2gk please!
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    CG File Server 16/decommissioned

    My situation is very same as yours bro. The clean FIFA 16 v7 with CGFS 1.0+1.1+fix is crash when I load the user save profile. If I install ModdingWay Mod 6.6.1 with CGFS 1.0+1.1+fix, the game can be played . The SB is OK but POPUPS doesn't show completely just like CGFS 1.0. Can anyone advise...
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    <KO>'s Scoreboard & Popups

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    Revolution Mod 16

    I see, thanks very much.
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    Revolution Mod 16

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    Revolution Mod 16

    The last 3 and 4 number are kitnumber color. For your code, the kit shows white shirt number and white short number. You can check the No. 5 manual of documents folder in the RM zip package.
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    Revolution Mod 16

    Hi scouser, I wanna make some stadiums e.g. Old Trafford (ID=1) to using rotating adboard and other stadiums e.g. San Siro(ID=5) still using electonic adboard. But I add "assignAlternateStaticAdboard(1)" in the general.lua, the OT still shows electonic adboard. And I add...
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    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    Hi Alex, may I ask you to make a Chinese Super League's ball? If you don't have time, may I use your template to modify it? Of course all credits are you. Thanks very much.
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    CG File Server 16/decommissioned

    Thanks for your reply. Yes I'm only use 9002 to assign the SBs automactly. Looking forward the new version.
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    CG File Server 16/decommissioned

    Hi shaw, Thanks for your amazing tool. I find a situation for change pop-up. You provide all pop-up files in this tool, but not every pop-up maker use every each one file for their own. Thorefore when I change a new pop-up the game could be show some older pop-ups. I only need to use default...
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    Chinese Men & Women Kitnumber Pack

    I didn't see any kit maker had upload Chinese Men and Women's kit number of Nike. So I modified them of my own. Men are dragon and women are phinex Credit: EA SPORTS Modified by me Men Home Men Away Women Home Women Away Download: request Rev Mod by Scouser09 Click here
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    scouser09's Kits

    Great work master
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    micha13z's Kits

    &#39069;&#12290;&#12290;&#12290;&#21407;&#26469;&#26159;&#21516;&#32990;&#21834;&#12290;&#12290;&#12290; &#26399;&#24453;&#26356;&#22810;&#20316;&#21697;&#21704;&#12290;&#12290;&#12290...
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    micha13z's Kits

    Awesome job bro! Thanks for you work for CSL's Kits. Jiangsu is my home team. But Jiangsu uses a variant Logo for ACL: May you make a version of kits with logo? Thanks again
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    Revolution Mod 16

    Thanks for your response. One more question: Does every team.lua need to add color statements(identifyTeamKitColours) for the new feature?
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    Revolution Mod 16

    Hi Master scouser09, thanks for your new verson of RM16. For the new feature, I have changed my statements as below: --Manchester United assignTeamTournament(11,13) --England Premier League (1) identifyTeamKitColours(11,0,"A00005","D5D9D5","D5D9D5","0D0C0D")--Home kit with Red/White...