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    Koki's Kits

    Liverpool Third Kit 16-17
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    Koki's Faces

    Hi I'll try to make faces in 16 aswell. Hopefully will quality of my faces grows. :ewan:
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    15-16 Fixtures Question

    Sup. I've a queston. Does exist possible way to update career mode fixtures in Premier league to the new one? Thanks!
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    Koki's Faces

    There is my first face It's Tomáš Kalas. As you can see.. Hair is my big problem :D
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    Facemaking Problem

    Hi. I've got problem with loading some files into blender. I run Blender as administrator. There is the video
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    Change Team Logo

    Hi. Does exist possible way to change Cardiff City logo but dont lose other careers?
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    Koki's Works

    Hey I'm Koki I'm from Czech Republic and I'll be posting there some of my graphic works. First: Neymar Splash in FIFA16 theme Preview Download FULL size: