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    Zyreq Durden's Faces

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    Saddest Video You've Ever Seen

    Anyone have sad videos or commercials they can share? I need tears brehs :clapwap: I'll start off 3L8diP48eN0 zbmJnzafhtA KT_155-ROy0
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    Zyreq's Faces

    Face Pack #1: Mexican talent (Guardado, Salcido, Chicharito(Javier Hernandez), Giovani Dos Santos)
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    Hair Help

    What hair model is this?
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    Are these cleats fake?

    I'm a 3 year old when it comes to determining cleats; are these cleats fake or genuine? I know, not the best place to be asking this :/.
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    Zyreq's Kits

    Mexico National Team[Techfit]: Home: Away:
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    Zyreq's Faces

    Faces I have made, use the search button ^ Luis Angel Morales(MEX) Andres Guardado(MEX) Jorge Torres Nilo(MEX) Paul Aguilar(MEX) Alan Pulido(MEX) Miguel Sabah(MEX) Diego Reyes(MEX) Carlos Fierro(MEX) Rafa Marquez Lugo(MEX) Edson Rivera(MEX) Guillermo Memo Ochoa(MEX) Pablo Barrera(MEX) Severo...
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    Help choosing hair for player

    Hi guys, i'm making a player face for Luis Angel Morales, what existing hairstyle do you recommend? Picture references:
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    Request:USMNT 2012/2013 new kit

    Can anyone please provide us with the 2012/2013 usmnt kits? Haven't seen them anywhere :/. Thanks