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    What conference is Australia in in this game?

    FYI, Australia qualified for this world cup when they were still in OFC, but since then they have joined AFC. More info at
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    Possible to mod the missing teams?

    You underestimate people's needs for perfection. ;)
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    FSH Tool problem

    Tried going to Windows Explorer, and then Tools|Folder Options -> File Types? Find fsh there and change the program to open it with. And of course, you can just use it in the command line.
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    Question about zdata

    Dont bump threads. It's spamming. And it doesnt matter what file name you have, as long as it's in the fat then its fine.
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    UNIDB Problem plz help :((

    you most likely supplied a wrong db file as the base template.
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    Making screenshots

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    use the soccer forum
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    will anyone convert?

    whats the error? make sure you have the latest version as well...
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    fifa.db adding players

    if my memory serves me right (i might be wrong tho, since it's been a long while), the positions go as follows: gk sw rwb rb rcb cb lcb lb etc so that would make cb=5, dont quote me on this tho, I am very likely to be wrong
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    ECP Stadium Installer 2006

    sorry for the lack of's unfortunate that me and aru are currently extremely busy with real life stuff, so we havent had time to work on anything at the moment....honestly I dont know when anything would be ready, since the amount of freetime I have nowadays is out of my hands. So...
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    a question about editing
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    a question about editing

    any programming language will do. It is not what language you use, it is how you use it.
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    RENATOpower kits

    You prefer red?
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    How to create a new team (info and help)

    Use this simple script to convert dates:
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    Who can tell me!
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    Changing Tournament or Cup names

    eng.db or whatever db that corresponds to your language, located in data\cmn\fe
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    Activating third kits! The tutorial!

    Do you want a red? :p :p :p
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    Chant Importer

    You can use this simple script to convert readable dates to fifa required format (and vice versa):
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    wrong characters using LNG Edit

    that's because they didnt consider text compression when writing the software
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    How to Donwload from

    I think they are not allowed to accept money for a patch. Fullstop. You can advise people to donate money to the site before downloading the patch, but if they do not offer a link where you dont need to donate money, then they are charging for the patch and they are no longer doing it as a...