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    FIFA 16 Nvidia Settings

    Hello, I have Nvidia Geforce Gtx980. Please tell me what I can change in control panel to have the best visual effect in-game ?
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    UEFA EURO 2012 actually from EA Sports

    On we received news about EURO 2012 The Game. EA Sports always make game for World Cup or Euro, but no this time. Currently in development by Double Helix Games and will be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is not confirmed but if somebody will confirm it will...
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    UEFA EURO 2012 Patch by FIFA Scene !!!

    Hello. I have an idea for those of You who want to make the game better. As we know EA Sports will not make separate game as every event, and we must cope with it . On this forum I saw a lot of outstanding works, fantastic kits or faces, adboards, gameplay etc. We can make patch to FIFA 12...
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    FIFA Series World Update: The Weeks

    From now I will public here the newest updates for our Patch. You must install the main version and then updates. Every next update will contain previous changes. So good luck. I present you now : World Update: Week 1- This is first week update which actualize best of leagues like English...
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    [FIFA 12] FIFA Series World Update !!!

    We are back. Do you remember us from Mega Football Patch 2005 ?Or World League Patch 2006,2007 ? A lot of work of great patchmakers in one file ? Yes it is possible. First version of patch contain rosters, popup, gameplay logos of people who change the game to better. If someone want to put...
  6. M - new wind on FIFA Scene

    Hello, Morpheus here. I don't know if you know me from FIFA05-08 . I was admin on FIFAPOLONIA.PL, . I quit from FIFA Scene to take a break and now i come back with new site called FIFAPES ( I decided to make a site in which we can find news or patches for two best...
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    Uefa Euro 2008 Demo is here :)

    Hi, as inform FIFA Poland( EA Sports released demo of Euro 2008. It has 620MB and you can download it here:
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    Problem with gamepad

    Hi mates do you know how can i cinfigure my controller because trick button doesnt work :((
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA Polonia Files - next two files !!!

    To <a href=""target=new><b>FIFA Polonia</b></a> download hit two new files for FIFA 06. Details below: <li> <font color="#ff0000"><b><font color="#ff0000"><a href=""><font color="#ff0000"><b><font color="#ff0000">TV...
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA Polonia Files - next two files !!!

    If you want to have the best additions to FIFA 06 or FIFA World Cup 06 you can make it with the best polish FIFA site: <a href=""target=new><b>FIFA Polonia.</b></a> Today to our <a href=",0,0,0,0"target=new><b>download</b></a> hit two...
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA Polonia Files - two new files !!!

    Our <a href=",0,0,0,0"target=new><b>DOWNLOAD</b></a> section is now bigger, with two new great add-ons placed there for FIFA World Cup 06. Please find the details below: <li> <font color="#ff0000"><b><font color="#ff0000"><a...
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA Polonia Files - six new files !!!

    Over our FIFA Polonia <a href=",0,0,0,0"target=new><b>download</b></a> you can find 6 brand new files, among which 4 are dedicated to FIFA 06 (instalation files were made by <b>Martin</b>) and two files for FIFA World Cup 06. Here are the details: <li>...
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA Polonia Files - Monkey Dragon update !!!

    To <a href=""target=new><b>FIFA Polonia</b></a> download hit tow new, great files made by <b>Monkey Dragon.</b> List of files you can find below: <li> <font color="#ff0000"><b><font color="#ff0000"><a href=""><font...
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA Polonia Files - three great files !!!

    To FIFA Polonia <a href=",0,0,0,0"target=new><b>download</b></a> hit three great files. All tools are made by: <b>Rinaldo.</b> Details below: <li> <font color="#ff0000"><b><font color="#ff0000"><a...
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA Polonia files - 3 new files for FWC 06 DEMO !!!

    To <a href="http://www.fifapolonia"target=new><b>FIFA Polonia</b></a> download hit 3 new files for FIFA World Cup 06 DEMO. List of files below: <li> <font color="#ff0000"><b><font color="#ff0000"><a href=""><font color="#ff0000"><b><font...
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA Polonia Files - 06 DEMO EXPLORER !!!

    To <a href=""target=new><b>FIFA Polonia</b></a> download hit new great programme called 06 DEMO EXPLORER made by: <b>Monkey Dragon.</b> With this programme you can: - Play Quick Match with <b>10 teams</b> (England, Germany, Mexico, USA, France, Brazil, Italy, Korea...
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA World Cup 2006 Demo Out

    Get a taste of the upcoming PC game for this year's greatest sporting event. The PC demo for FIFA World Cup 2006 is now available to download. <a href=""target=new><b>Click here to grab it</b></a> and get a taste of the...
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    FIFA 06 Online - Polish League Patch v2.0 – RELEASED !!!

    We are very happy to announce you that we have just finished working on our <B>Polish League Patch 06 v2.0</B> and it has been released now! It is the biggest and the best Polish FIFA 06 addon! Comparing to the first version it now contains Polish 2nd Division, up-to-date rosters and formations...
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA World Cup 06 - Brand new movies!

    We are very proud to be first ever international FIFA site introducing you brand new movies about FIFA World Cup 06! What is more – you can download them from our <b>free server</b>, so no worries about a potential cost ;-). The clips are provided by <a...
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    FIFA 06 Online - Fifa Polonia files...

    Today to <a href=""target=new><b>Fifa Polonia</b></a> download hit two new files. List below: <a href=""target=new><b>Poland Kits Pack</b></a> - This is kits pack for Polish national team. Made by Efrain Santana. <a...