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  1. Southwest87

    [Fifa 14] - Create and Add Managers Face

    Hi everyone! I'm coming to you because I'm planning to make ALL the manager faces in Fifa 14 (at least for League 1, League 2, Serie A, Bundesliga etc). I understand that the managers' faces are in 2D and not in 3D like the players. I know how to do it with FaceGen Modeller 3.1 but I'm not...
  2. Southwest87

    Southwest's logos (and other shits)

    How EA can have the rights for the Ligue 1 and shits in our mouth with the fake Coupe de France ? They will probably add it in Fifa 20 (like the Ligue 1 scoreboard in the 19). Fuck you, EA. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. Southwest87

    Custom chant (Fifa 18)

    I wondered if it was still possible to edit the supporters chants in Fifa 18, for example via Cgfile Explorer. And add custom music to replace the auditory boise of those fuckers EA. :) I say "fuckers" because that's what they are, real greedy wankers and with atavistic stupidity. To say that...
  4. Southwest87

    IMS XI - Questions I know that IMs XI is integrated into Community Mod 4.1. But even when searching the IMS site, I can not understand what is missing in terms of banners. So ... what is missing? Where do you take the visuals? It's a little mess on this site and it...
  5. Southwest87

    Southwest's banners