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    LeagueID Splitting?

    Hi Guys, Is there a way to separate the LeagueID 84 (Mexico Liga BBVA MX CLausura) from Mexico so that it is not related to the main ID 341?
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    Which Leauge IDs are working?

    Hey Guys, an Question to all Modder....I'm trying a lot of League IDs (for creating new Competitions or Leagues) without replacing existing leagues. Has someone find out, which League IDs are working or how I can activate them...cause everytime I try a new ID the game is crashing. Thx for your help
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    Looking for .xml

    Hey Guys, can anyone help me? Where I can find (Editor Tool) the .xml file for the Match-tile in career mode?
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    New Tournament - international Expectation

    Hey Guys, I've added a new tournament (Champions League) in CONCACAF with the free slot from Confederations cup with id 999. Everthing works perfectly, but the winning of my new tournament is an expectation as national success, but not as international success. Compobj ----------- 1445,1,CCAF...
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    Menu Color

    Hey Guys, I need some help for editing the menu background color of FIFA. I know I have to edit the FIFA.xml but witch line ist important and how can I set a new Color?
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    Women National Teams in Manager Career

    Hey everybody, Has anyone been successful in integrating the women's national teams into career mode? Every time I tried both the comp and the databases, they were displayed as N / A and the game crashed ... Does anyone know advice?
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    Competition Badge

    Hey Guys, is it possible to activate a badge for winning a competition in all other competitions, like the FIFA Club world cup Badge?
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    Search for a Tutorial for Creating 3D Trophies?

    Hello Guys I'm looking for a little Tutorial for all of us. It's about creating 3D Trophy Mesh, editing in Blender and the export with all his options and the right import in Frosty Editor? So I know that many know how to do that and it would be very nice, to share your know how with the...
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    Add new Trophy

    Hey Guys... how is it possible to change or add a new 3D model of a trophy? I've created a Trophy in Blender, but I don't know how to import it... Can someone help me please??
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    Changing Commentary Names doesnt work

    Hey Guys I have some Problems with the commentarynames. I want assign a new commentaryname for robert lewandowski...So I took any nameid with a commentaryid (not 900000) and put it in the lastname field of Lewa in the players table. In the game is everything okay, only my commentators still say...
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    Import Meshes

    Hey Guys, I saw in some Tutorials that you can import meshes of faces und more....but in my Vision of Frosty Editor it isn't possible. The import-button is gray. How can I import meshes?
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    Change Overlay Color of Saudi League

    Hey Guys, hope you can help me. I want to change the overlay color of the Saudi League. The colors are white, blue, yellow...I want to change maybe to green and orange. How can I do this? Thx for your help. Regards