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  1. Robalex

    Question for those who watch CPU vs CPU games

    Question fot those who read: In your opinion, which FIFA from 14 till 20 is the most realistic to simulate games? Can you tell me the FIFA game, half time lenght, level (pro, world class, etc), gameplay-mod, sliders? etc etc. Thanks for reading!
  2. Robalex

    How To Remove Yellow Cross?

    How to remove "yellow cross" that shows in the pitch where elevated ball is going to fall?. In previous FIFA games I used to clearing that file within presentation file inside sceneassets file. In FIFA 18 couldn't find that image yet. Any idea? THANKS!
  3. Robalex

    CPU AI Stupid Power Shots

    Dear friends, after a while I've jumped from fifa 14 to fifa 16 FIFA 16 has a decent gameplay but one issue bothers me (a lot): -> AI shots to score. I miss the placed ground shots to GK uncovered second post.... A famous striker said once: "a good goal is a pass to the net" Is there any fix...
  4. Robalex

    question for a gameplay editor

    This is a question for a gameplay editor, if any available which I doubt. All are focus on Fifa 16. In modern football, due to better pitch/field, players ground crosses the ball much more often than lob it. In fifa CPU controlled team abuses of lob/scoop passes when they control de ball...
  5. Robalex

    game crashes with some edited team's players

    Dear friends, It happens only with 2 teams I've edited before. Game crashes when a team that has a player inside the squad with a -200 or -222 or -160 value or kit number 128 or so, generally is a GK in the squad reserves. Is it possible to solve it without re-installing DB because I have...
  6. Robalex

    FC. Realism vs. Arcade UTD.

    This is only about exhibition mode CPU vs CPU games so be advise in order not to waist your time reading. This thread is created because I couldn't find a solution for FIFA 12 neither FIFA 13. I'm looking for help to create a mod to solve below issue. AndreaPirlo told me he will help on this...