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  1. gazela82

    Ajax_1995 Kits

    hi @Ajax1995, i couldn't find keeper kit for france, is it possible to share it? thanks in advance
  2. gazela82

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Hi everybody, Someone has available MLS kits and minikits for 2020/2021 season? Thanks in advance.
  3. gazela82

    I need help customizing MLS League

  4. gazela82

    I need help customizing MLS League

    Hi everyone, Somebody has an idea about my problem? I really need your help and I know here are so much people with extraordinary abilities editing this game. Please guys, I need your help. Thanks.
  5. gazela82

    I need help customizing MLS League

    Hi partners, I have a little problem. Just added 3 teams with CM15 on MLS and tried to fix the calendar, but when a run the career mode, the game doesn't generate any game for them in MLS Cup, the calendar is empty for the season and only appears the U.S. Open Cup games. The other teams play...
  6. gazela82

    MLS 2018

    Hola Amigo, Disculpa, se podrán postear todos los kits y minikits en .png (h/a/g)? Es para poder utilizarlos en otras versiones de FIFA. Se que es algo laborioso pero ten por seguro que sería de gran utilidad. Gracias de antemano. Saludos.
  7. gazela82

    Stark Industries - Mark 16

    Hi man, Sorry but, is it possible to reload this package? It was erased from mega and was the only one that is already complete in all the forum, nobody else had made a full kit pack for all teams in major league soccer including home, away and gk kits. If is possible, so much people will...
  8. gazela82

    Stark Industries - Mark 16

    The File Is Not Available / Link Broken
  9. gazela82

    Stark Industries - Mark 16

    Por Favor, resubirlo como dice el compañero y muchas gracias de antemano