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    Thanks Paul

    as you all know myfatcat retired from his MA position recently... would personally like to thank him for what he's done for us and the whole community! i'm sure his team will continue to dominate the leagues and cups too, especially now he has more time on his hands. cheers Paul
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    SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE how boring can you get at this place? i don't even care about posting this, because the moderators don't even visit this place and so won't be closed. hmm...
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    Round 10

    Blimey, this place really is dead. No League thread yet. Anyways... I won comfortably 0-5 away, still sitting top of the table by 4 points. However i have consecutive matches against 2nd, 3rd and 4th place coming up over the next 3 weeks, and could decide whether I go up or not. However, i...
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    5-Ball Team Plan

    Now, I was very bored, so I worked out what my team would look like after each of them had gained 5 balls. Obviously not in the same area, but with rotations. I would like my first XI to look like this after each has gained 5 more training balls, assuming they won't max.
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    Round 12

    How'd everyone get on? Nice 10-1 win for me today.
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    Good deal, or what?!

    This player: Allowed me to buy this: 8 Restaurants, 10 Fast Food, 4 Hotels Not bad business methinks ;)
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    Round 4

    How'd everyone get on? I drew 3-3, happy because it was from 3-0 down away from home. one of my main rivals won 11-2, which will up his GD a lot... gona be a tough season.:(
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    How many players have you got?

    Obviously hockey teams have to be larger than football ones, so I was wondering how many players you have? Including my new youths that arrived today, I counted 42 players :)
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    Way to get on MZ when the site is down... Discovered it when looking on and i've got to say, its pretty damn handy!
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    Round 14

    Wahey! Won my match 1-0, which means I stay up. In the end I was 3 points behind 6th place, but i thought it would be closer. Won my last 2 league games, its probably my best streak, couldnt have come at a better time, lol. Anyways, the match, 1-0, should have been a lot more.... 36 - 12...
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    Round 13

    Wooh this is one crazy relegation battle! Luckily for me, I beat second place considerably and bottom place won against the team above me. If it would have gone the other way round, as I was expecting, I should be relegated now. But now it looks like I'm going to stay up - I'm just out of...
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    2004 Hockey Madness Cup

    How'd you all get on? Pauls? I won 2-1 against Ulric_B's team, very happy :)
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    Star Players

    How many star players do you have? I started off with 3 (as you do), sold one, and bought two foreigners, and the four of them are the only decent players in my team. Below is one of the players i started with... Potential England star of the future ;)
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    Inflation problems?? Never!

    Check this out... less than a year ago.. Bought for: 74 144 GBP Sold for: 1 196 408 GBP Notice any difference?? This really needs to be sorted..
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    Unfair red cards?

    Today two of my players got bookings... I looked on the Inj/Susp page and saw they have both been put down for red cards (thus missing the next match). Now looking back on previous matches, ive seen that both players have been booked once each before. Does anyone know that 2 bookings in seperate...
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    Hurrah! Half-decent youths at last!

    Well, after about a month of getting and then getting rid of youths, i finally got a fairly good batch of 10. Won't be getting rid of these ones ;) Got a good potential keeper if he hasnt maxed, one with 4 ball control, 3 shooting/tackling, and another one with 2 balls in pretty much every...
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    Some people are so stupid...

    Shows what state the transfer market is in at the moment :kader: desperately needs to be sorted... As for me... not complaining! (with the money that is)
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    New address bar thingy

    theres not usually a lot to talk about on here, but this caught my eye today... neat, huh? nice touch... :p
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    Two matches - same time

    Got a bit of a surprise when i saw this - look at the date and time. I think I'll take the 5-1 ;)
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    2003 Gold Medal Cup

    Since I was knocked out of the Sportsmans Cup in the group stage, thought I'd write about the new cup which deadline closed on the 17th. This is a great value for money cup, with 2 meetings and 2 teams promoted. Luckily for me, there are 7 people in my group (including me) and theyre all...