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  1. Skoczek

    How to install mod? (rant alert)

    Can you tell me one thing. There are a lot of mods there to download. Installation of almost all is just about copying files to game directory and regeneration. Mine as well. Installer exes are rare. So please tell me, why do people keep asking me how to install mods and what happens if...
  2. Skoczek

    Fix for certain EURO 2004 bug

    I just bought, downloaded and played EURO 2004 and a certain bug came back to me. Finding a solution to this forced me to dig in my PMs, so I post it there. In video settings, the resolution must end with x32. With x16 (which is set by default), this happens
  3. Skoczek

    Does schedules work with cups in tournament mode?

    Just this. I tried to make a schedule for 2014 World Cup finals, but the game doesn't recognize it at all. And I'm concern does it even work? Or it works only with leagues or with Career Mode?
  4. Skoczek

    zhangtao spams through random channels

    Can someone tell him to stop or just punish him, for breaking the rule about creating threads appropriate to their name? He just posts random pictures from FIFA 11 on FIFA 09, 06, 07 treads...
  5. Skoczek

    Soundtrack exporting

    These files contain soundtrack of 2014 FIFA World Cup game. I wasn't able to find anything useful on the Internet. I tried using vgmstream, but the only thing I achieved were errors, even with the VGMGUI. I wanted to try sbs sound extractor found on GitHub, but I didn't know what to do with it...
  6. Skoczek

    2014 FIFA World Cup conversion

    Well...I know what you gonna say. FIFA Infinity did it back in 2014 and it's fantastic. I thought so. Until I installed it. In my honest opinion, they unnecessarily deleted kits for teams, made Adidas all-Star team unplayable, some faces look off etc... They had worse tools than we have almost...
  7. Skoczek

    FIFA 15 missing starheads

    With moving to Ignite engine, FIFA 15 lost some gamefaces existing in FIFA 14 for some reason. I'll convert them soon. (The italicized players are not in the default database, but have been added in squad updates.) I'll publish them soon
  8. Skoczek

    Eye looking downwards - I finally know how it could be fixed

    As in the title If you don't know what I am talking about, it's the weird, small bug, that causes eye iris move downwards in-game compared to raw model in Blender or rendered in Creation Master. This Cardozo should look straight, but looks at us. It happens when we convert head models from FIFA...
  9. Skoczek

    Can anyone reupload GSP 15 version 2?

    There was an update for it which we can't download now, at least I didn't found any working links to it. If anyone has it, please, host this somewhere, at least for archiving purposes.
  10. Skoczek

    CM 16 applying changes.

    In every other Creation Master, every change is successfully applied by removing stuff in .bh files (regenerating). But in Creation Master 16 it doesn't work at all. Every time I save in Creation Master 16, .big and .bh files are reverted to original state. To apply my work I have to regenerate...
  11. Skoczek

    FIFA 22 specific head previews (1st of February 2022)

    doing this took me so many time, so please support my hard-work paying it for 5 doll...NO I spent yesterday evening and today's morning to screenshot if not all, then more than 99% of them. I am releasing it for free. It wasn't a big deal...
  12. Skoczek

    Alita: Battle Angel 2.1

    here we go again! Better, for newer game, more accurate so more beautiful. No more words, just download this.
  13. Skoczek

    FIFA 2001 crashes at half time.

    Exactly as in the title. When I want to play FIFA 2001 on my laptop, the game runs, the match begins and it last until stoppage time rings. Then game crashes to desktop (which cames 640x480). Why?
  14. Skoczek

    Does anyone still has free DLC for 2010 World Cup game?

    Back in June 2010 - there was a free update for 2010 FIFA World Cup game that, as I know, was being downloaded automatically. It included some updated lineups, licensed kits for Chile, North Korea, Honduras (qualified teams) and some more teams, and additional balls. Now in 2021 - it's not...
  15. Skoczek

    Can I use a player from Reserves in a match?

    I know it sounds stupid, but when you go Kick-Off, you choose a team, you can only select through first line-up and 5 substitutes. What about the rest? How can I use them?
  16. Skoczek

    Is it possible to export FIFA 2003 .db tables?

    Like for EURO 2004 and FIFA 2004 there is one. Or any other tool...