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  1. mita996


    Recently I've download the FO2, and found out that has some interesting stuff, like the face texture is the same as the older fifa, from FIFA11-FIFA13. Models can't be open, because they have some other format, unfamiliar to me, em. file. It will be interesting to find out the files, because it...
  2. mita996

    Face conversion & Custom faces

    Hey soccer members, I'm gonna tell you that I will focus on the face conversion from fifa's from 17 do 21. What will be different than the conversions of my colleagues, well there won't be shiny hair, face texture will be all HD, exported from FIFA pc etc. Some members did quite excellent job...
  3. mita996

    FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16

    Proudly present FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch version. I will upload for now first part, and the rest till the end, if I make it :D In the first part are included: faces, hair/hair textures and heads. Stay tuned :)))) FIRST PART...
  4. mita996

    FIFA 20 Face Conversion

    Hello, I'm mita996, fifa 20 extractor xd... while I was at the break, I learn a bit reverse engineering, so I'm making/converting faces direct from FIFA 20. The reason for doing that, It's because the converted faces have bugs like, hair is not moving, or the back hair is going back. I also...
  5. mita996

    FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16

    Proudly present FIFA 20 Legacy Switch Version. I want to thank all of you for helping @The Wizard , and the guys form zenhax forum and for your support. I do this because of love, so love for this game. FIFA 14 and 16 are still living. The first pack contain: faces, heads, hair, hairlods, balls...
  6. mita996

    mita996's Faces

    I'm new in facemaking, so I need time to learn how to make face from scratch, now I will just adjust hair for legends and convert legends, Scarlett give me premission to use his textures, so I'm very pleased to be part of this :)
  7. mita996

    Need help with scoreboards

    Friends, I'm searching for this scoreboard, expecially the last one, Coppa Italia (Rai Diretta).
  8. mita996


    Does anyone have FitriMira's boots from fifa 09 and fifa 10?
  9. mita996

    FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14,16

    For those who don't know me, I've extracted and decompressed FIFA19 Nintendo Switch game. I did the same thing now with FIFA18. With the time I will post files, that can be useful in FIFA14 and FIFA16 :) FIFA 18 FACES, HEADS, HAIRS AND HAIRLODS...
  10. mita996

    FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14,16

    I'm presenting to you extraction, and decompression of Nintendo Switch. The job wasn't easy, and I admit, that I tried to give up, If I did the FIFA 14 won't make sense anymore. Thanks to you and special thanks to aluigi for script. You will notice that the texture are too bright, make thim...
  11. mita996

    Miniballs by mita96

    I've started doing out of boredom and strangely I think It's going well. I do accept requests :)
  12. mita996

    Kits by mita96

    I'm a rookie in this area, but I like to share my work with you. I'm open for any suggestions, I will see If I would do requests :)
  13. mita996

    Retro boots

    I'm collecting some retro boots. Do you have some wish for some old retro boots. The boots will be in 256x256.
  14. mita996

    Mita996 Face's

    Hello! I'm mita996, basically classic modder. You can use faces for patches, just put a credit into :)
  15. mita996

    Mini balls

    Does anyone want to make some mini balls?
  16. mita996

    FO3 Classic legends to FIFA 14

    Here's my first thread. Thanks GIGGIRIVA, Wujek, and others for support. We are bringing FIFA14 Classic patch to the next level
  17. mita996

    Classic players

    Is there anyone who want to make classic players.tnx in advance.:33vff3o:
  18. mita996

    Dennis Bergkamp

    Could someone make Dennis Bergkamp.. :icon_spin:
  19. mita996

    Dennis Bergkamp

    Could someone make Bergkamp .for fifa 11.