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    My 09 Kits

    Hello everyone! Remember me? :D Well…so….here we go, new game new goodies! Now, since my last thread was HUGE, I’ve decided this first post will be the official “reference” guide in order to better organize my works. --Kits-- Club Kits AC Milan (Kits)...
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    FC INTERNAZIONALE MILANO Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, San Siro Founded: March 9, 1908 Stadium: Giuseppe Meazza (82,955) President: Massimo Moratti Head Coach: José Mourinho (H) Assistant Coach: Giuseppe Baresi Official Website: History (Source:
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    Hey guys... I've been following the recent events that have been going on in Italy with all the you may have heard, due to some (what I think) very bad ref calls, Inter won their match this weekend and that has sparked a few outbreaks among the clubs concerning favoritism and...
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    Interista's 07 Works Part II

    Hey guys! I pretty much got bored with making kits for FIFA 08 so I’m taking a break for a few days by making kits for 07! I’ll keep switching back and forth as time goes on… For now, here are some works I have made these past few days: Brazil Kitpack 2008 H-A-GK Denmark...
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    Long sleeve minikit template

    Hey guys...I was wondering something and I hope you guys could help. Does anyone have or can anyone please make a long-sleeved minikit template? I know a kitmaker had one but I can't remember who... If you guys could plese post one I'd be very grateful... Thanks in advance :)
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    Konami got the message....

    It seems KONAMI got the message about PES2008: Please read the article they give! It seems that PES2009 might be much better (let's hope!) So...what are your opinions on this? :D
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    Some questions for O-edit experts (or anyone)

    Hello! I am a newbie when it comes to o-edit and I just had a few questions about the program. I was hoping some of you 'experts' could answer them for me! It would be much appreciated! :) 1. Is there any way I can add more parts to a model? For example the player o-model has 63 parts...
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    MY Next-Gen Graphics for FIFA 08!

    Hello mates! Hopefully you guys all know who I am, so an introduction wont ‘t be necessary. Along with making kits, I have also tried to find ways to ‘edit’ the player graphics to give the game a more ‘next-gen’ feel to it. I for one, as I’m sure you’ll all agree, hate the ankle tape players...
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    Interista's 08 Kitshop

    Hey guys, well…I think some of you might be surprised to see me in an 08 forum making kits for 08…but, OMG I’m here :D After fighting the temptation for such a long time I had to give up at some point. Although I do not have 08, I wanted to try my hand at some kits… So, here are my first...
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    A little help please!

    Hello! I have a PC that is 4 years old and when I play the PES2008 demo, I can run the game on the lowest graphics settings because of my graphics card. I have an ATI9250 and it supports only pixelshader1.1, that is why. While looking through some alternatice graphics cards that are...
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    I need some help

    Hello guys! I am stuck between the personal battle between a new PC and a next-gen console, and my problem mainly arises because of this game. My PC is old and I want to upgrade some things. Therfore I have 2 questions: 1) What is better, a new PC or a cheapter console? Yes I do like...
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    O-edit experts please help!

    Hello guys! I am sort of new here, so some of you might not know me, but maybe you've cheked out my 07 kit thread ;) Anyway, I am new to this whole o-edit stuff, so I was wondering if the experts could help me. My question is this: How could I edit for example the tape that players put on...
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    Interista's Kits

    Hello guys, it's my first time on these forums! I "got inspired" by all you kitmakers and decided why not give it a shot? So here we go! For starters, Grimsby Town (England div. 2) kitpack (a simple design, but hey, everybody has to start somewhere right?): Home/Away/GK [/URL][/IMG]...