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    Best Patch

    Anyone know what's the best patch to add real player’s/kits and stuff to pro evo 3? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Rip off?

    How come when you playing CM if you want to buy a player you always got to pay more than what hes worth but if the computer want to buy one of your play it will always offer less or dead on what he's worth?
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    European player awards fixed?

    I'm playing as man utd and it seems none of my players ever win world or European awards so what are these awards worked on? On my current game Kluivert has just won European striker of the year and yet he's played 17 and scored 10 with an average rating of 7.65 while Santa Cruz for me has...
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    4.1.4 too easy?

    I've started a new game on 4.1.4 patch and so far iv found it really easy Santa Cruz has played 23 and hit 34 goals and iv been getting lots of big wins too anyone else noticed anything like this?
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    Saved Game PKM

    I've noticed that when your watching the highlights of a game you can save the pkm anyone know how to watch these?
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    Good players

    I'm playing the PS2 version as Cardiff and I'm looking for some good cheap players anyone got any recommendations?
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    Skin help

    I was wondering if its possible to change what font a skin uses without overwriting an existing font and if so does anyone know how?
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    [CM0304] Defensive Midfielder

    I need a young defensive midfielder (to replace Roy Keane) I’ve already got Fredy William Thompson so can anyone recommend any other defensive midfielders.