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    FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)

    Fantastic mod got to 2033 simming through the seasons so far with no crash including changing manager roles from Europe to South America. It's really appreciated and FIFA 14 now is pure quality. I've extended Copa Libertadores to 8 groups and added teams from Peru, Bolivia etc, my only question...
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    Fifa14 File Loader no active links

    Thanks really appreciate it
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    FIFA 14 Stadium Server

    Anyone got a working link to Fifa File Loader. Thanks
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    Fifa14 File Loader no active links

    Hello, Any chance anyone has a link to Fifa14 File Loader by Jenkey. I've searched all over can't find anything and would like to go back to FIFA 14 to remember the old days. Thanks
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    CM09 - Beta Test

    Hi Rinaldo, Just tried some amendments I change Team IDs and imported new kits, badges etc, but once I replace one team another one disappears. I have uninstalled all previous CM versions and reinstalled Beta 4 but still this problem Thanks for your help Is there any limit to Teams I...
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    CM09 - Beta Test

    Anyone help with below done a few search can't seem to find problem probably missing something simple Everything working brill tournaments CAF, AFC, Cocacaf Champions League but having problem with Copa Libertadores teams names missing, also missing in respective leagues. Checked DB09, CM09...
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    Eng CocaCola Championship Chants

    just added a few chants for Championship can't find any previous posts of these so apologies if any. Some are louder than others due to being done on mobile phones around North West UK, others from various other websites not related to FIFA. Lancs_Rivals.smp: (Blackpool, Preston and...