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    Career Mode - Job Offers

    Hey guys :) I have a short question and wonder if anyone could help me out :D As you may know you can apply to some job offers in the FIFA 13 Career Mode. My problem is that I have really just a few teams I can apply to and if I do so they allways reject me. Is there a tool or something to...
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    PaulFCB's Faces

    Hey guys :) I tried to do some faces on my own and I hope you can give me some suggestions of how to improve them. Those are my first faces ever and I know that they are not that good yet. I especially tried to do faces of unknown player who weren't made yet. That makes it even harder for me...
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    How To Make Own Face Textures?

    Hey guys, I just tried to make a face for a player by myself but I'm struggeling with creating the face texture. After creating the face with facegen and exporting everything, this is what I got so far: As you can see, the quality is very low eventhough I used a big sized picture :/ I...
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    How To Edit "On Loan Transfers" And Player's Potential

    Hey guys :) I was just wondering whether there is a tool for editing a player's transfer situation when they are set on loan for the rest of the year. So Weiser for example got loaned from Bayern München to the 1. FC Kaiserslautern for the rest of the year. With FIFA 12's Creation Master I was...
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    Youth Players In The Internal Master 12

    Hey guys :) I've been searching for an answer of how to find out the IDs of Career Mode's youth players in FIFA 13 :D I managed to open my savefile with the Internal Master but nearly all I see are weird signs and numbers :/ Does anyone know how this tool works and could may explain where...
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    Faces For Career Mode Talents

    Hey guys ;) I was wondering if there's a possibility to add faces to the scouted Career Mode talents. I wouldn't know how, because one would need the player's ID but may one of you guys has an idea how to do this :D
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    Edit Players During Career Mode

    Hey guys ;) Is it somehow possible to change a players name or even his stats during career mode? So that I can realise the changes in my career and don't have to restart it?
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    How To Edit Custom Faces

    Does anybody allready know how to change custom faces or starheads, like giving Ramos his new haircut or changing Lavezzis face :) ? I only know how to edit generic faces yet :/
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    FIFA 13 - Player IDs

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know, how to find out Player ID's in FIFA 13 :) I know that they are the same as in FIFA 12, but what about the new players? Is there allready a tool to get their ID's :D ?
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    [PC] FIFA 12 - Summer Patch

    Hey guys, I'm presenting you my brand new FIFA 12 Summer Patch, which makes many of your FIFA teams up to date! First, I just updated the teams for personal use, but when I notice that there was a huge request of a summer update for the game, I decided to publish it. I didn't use the winter db...
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    [Question] Summer Update

    Hey guys ;) I just updated my FIFA 12 squads for personal use and would like to know, whether it would help anyone, if I would upload them :D Only "problem" is, that I didn't used the winter db as a template, but created all of the missing players by myself :) Teams I've edited so far: -...
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    Need help with Blender

    Hey guys, I couldn't find a suitable thread for posting help requests or stuff like that, so I hope it's okay to open a new one for that :) I just started trying to make my first own face and downloaded the cff-converter and blender for that. Now I finally managed to import the .cff file of the...
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    [Question] Creare own kits?

    Hey guys, just have a short question :D I tried to make my own fantasy kit and tried out the following one: I imported it with the CM as Image Nr 2 and used a bump as Image Nr 3 :) When I try to save the whole kit, the CM comes up with an error message :S Any ideas, y its not working? :D...