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    NoE's Faces

    Just started with this knowing nothing about Blender beforehand, so it is a bit difficult. This is my first one, John Guidetti. I need all the advice I can get really. Trying to fit the hair, it looks ok in blender, but ingame there are some holes and the sides look transparent. Also I dont...
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    Ozkar's faces

    Facepack Vol.1
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    Help needed

    Does anyone know why my created face look like this when I import it? AND, please someone tell me how to open my face in Oedit so I can make them better. I've tried to open the .bin in Oedit but it says it isn't a valid .O file. So please help me. Take care!
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    In what club team is Tevez? I want to buy him in ML but I can't find him.
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    I bet some of you have played a couple of seasons in Manager Mode by now. So I have one question for you. Is the ECC (Champions League) as messed up as previous years? I remember you could play as Arsenal and have two other english teams in your group (would never happen IRL). Have they sorted...
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    Players with special faces

    Maybe we could post here players with special faces. i don't mean the "superstars" like Henry etc, but "less known" players that can be cool to buy in career mode. I mean, I rather buy a player with a special face, feels more real. Here's a few: (will post more when I find more) I'm unsure...
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    One referee?

    Is Urs Meier the only referee in this years fifa? Feels kinda weird having Meier calling a game in UK division 2...
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    Road to WC released 2/12?

    Found this on a swedish site: Discshop
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    Fifa 06 xbox 360

    Is there any new info out there about the game for xbox360? When it will be released, gameplay videos, screens etc? Post here if you find any.
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    Adrian Mutu...

    Really sorry for creating a new thread because of this...but I've searched and searched and have not been able to find a face for Adrian Mutu. If any1 knows where I can find one it would be great. Admins, feel free to delete this thread later.
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    Come on, help a guy!

    Can any1 tell me why some faces looks like this in-game? My game is totally messed up now because of this, so please help! Thanx
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    Please help me?!

    Why does some of the faces I import look like this? (see picture). I have set the special face ID with EditPES4OptionFile, but there must be something I'm doing wrong. I really wanna be able to use the great face for Baptista and other players...
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    RTWC/Fifa 06

    I'm a little confused. Will EA release two games this year? Fifa 06 and RTWC 06? And will both be available for this gen-consoles and the next-gen consoles?
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    First faces

    Hey guys! I've just started with this whole face making buisness! =) Please give me some advices and tell me what I should improve. Remember, I started making faces yesterday! :) First face, Paul Schoes:
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    Big problem

    Why does some players look like this when I've imported a new face for them? And some of the players become all black sometimes.
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    Is there a limit?

    I'm just wondering, is there a limit to how many players and teams you can edit without the game crashing? Because I've imported 2Gkits for about 25 teams and imported like 20 faces and boots and my game keep crashing. I've done all the reinstalling and I've ran FATBH Builder.
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    Why oh why?

    This may be the wrong place to write about this: I uninstalled CC2005 and fifa 2005. I deleted all the remaining fifa files (yes the ones in My Documents). Then I reinstalled fifa and CC2005. I used Kit Raptor to import some 2gkits and Boot Raptor to import some boots, afterwards I ran FATBH...
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    Face tutorial 2005

    I know this is much to ask for, but if someone has or know of any, or maybe even have the time to do a face making tutorial for fifa 2005 it would be really cool. I've only seen the tutorial for fifa 2003 and it really doesn't help. I think I'm not the only one who would appreciate this. Take...
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    Play Live!

    You who have the game for xbox, we must play more on xbox live! :) Seriously, why are there so few people playing it on xbox live, the "rooms" are almost always empty.
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    What a bug!!

    I'm playing with Arsenal in Season mode. I won against Barcelona in the first round of the knockout stages, 1-0 at home and 3-1 away. BUT, Barcelona are still in the tournament and they've reached the semi finals! :confused: