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    5 vs. 5 on Xbox Live!

    Excellent, excellent. try it, its a blast. Very addictive too. This is next gen, unlike that other football game.
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    No one can deny this:

    PES has gone the arcady route FIFA has gone the sim route Definately 2 totally different games now.
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    PES 2008 demo impression

    Cons: Cheesy 1980's guitar rock, amateurish presentation, dated graphics, unrealistic player movement (gravity and momentum defying), unrealistic speed, overall too arcady for many, not next gen material, nowhere near. Half Life 2 looks way way better on the 360 than this and HL2 is quite old...
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    Compared to UEFA CL or Fifa 2007

    For those of you in the UK, does 2008 compare in terms of: 1. Gameplay, Physics, etc. 2. Graphics (Demo looked inferior to UEFA CL) 3. Audio (new chants?)
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    Xbox 360 FIFA 2008 first impressions

    First off, I'll say that a first impression counts. As far as Fifa 2008 is concerned in that respect, it is a poor first impression. Graphics are a bit better than Fifa 2007 but pales compared to UEFA CL. Audio is non existant basically (due to keeping the file size small), cut scenes are still...
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    FIFA 2008 for the 360, PS3

    You can check out news here: Check out the video that shows E'too getting hit in the stomach with the ball and him holding his stomach, gasping for air and nearly falling on the floor! Talk about detail, I didn't expect that. Looks like the animations are...
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    FIFA 2008 (360, PS3) vs. PES 2008 (360, PS3)

    From what we have seen so far, who do you think has really arrived as a next gen game? Fifa 2008 or PES 2008? Previous biases aside please. What game looks next gen graphically? has new features? has improved in their respective weak areas? I'll start w/ my impressions from seeing...
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    FIFA 2008 Next Gen thread?

    How can this get started? I mean, PS2? While it was a great system, it's about time to look forward. Nextgen should be called current gen and current gen, last gen by now. No offense.
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    Censorship/Closing threads

    Did not know that only some points of view are welcome here. It's so childish to close threads the minute someone in "power" (mods) doesn't agree. Well, I guess everyone needs to feel important.
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    Zero, read this for a laugh!

    The following is from a review of this 360 PES/WE game. Wow! This guy is impressed rather easily. Best graphics?:$ Okayyyy... This game has the finest graphics of any soccer game I have ever played. Granted, it's a little unfair to compare any older console game with one from...
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    England vs. Spain friendly (P+R)

    at Old Trafford! any thoughts? predictions? Think bad blood will spill out? I predict a 1-1 draw. "Que Viva Espana......"
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    300+ dpi Real Madrid crest?

    Anyone know where I can find a high res Real Madrid logo/crest? Thanks in advance.
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    Top 5 Shooters:

    In no particular order. Half Life 2 (Xbox) Gears of War (360) Call of Duty 2 (360) Unreal Tournament (Mac) Black (PS2) P.S. - Does Resident Evil 4 count as a shooter? If so, It's up there, replacing Black
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    Best Looking Games You've Played

    In order: 1. Gears of War (360) 2. Call Of Duty 2 (360) 3. G.R.A.W. (360) 4. Half Life 2 (xbox) 5. Far Cry Instincts (xbox) 6. Resident Evil 4 (PS2) 7. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) 8. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (ps2) 9. God of War (PS2) 10.Fifa 2007 (360)
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    CALL OF DUTY 3 Online Multiplayer

    How good is it? Compared to COD2?
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    Worse Games Ever Played

    O.K., now the worse games ever played! For me: In no particular order (except for E.T.) #1 E.T. (atari) N.A.R.C (PS2) Wow! Come to think of it..I've been lucky not to have played many bad games. Internet reviews help agreat deal to stay away from them.
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    360 GFX vs. PS3 GFX

    Very unbiased and informative article. Worth a read.;title;1&om_act=convert&click=topslot
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    Your Top 10 Games Alltime

    Opinion based and in no particular order:10 that come to mind right away: Super Mario Bros. (NES) Grand Theft Auto IV (PS2) Resident Evil 4 (PS2) Gears of War (360) Half Life 2 (Xbox) Winning Eleven(9)/PES Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (PS2) God of War (PS2) Call of Duty 2 (360)...
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    Or is it just for offline? Can I add online friends to lounge mode and keep stats after we play online?
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    Now I know why...

    There aren't longer intro scenes, closeups of faces, anthem lineups, etc. It's because EA are embarrased at the graphics. Some faces are good, most are awful. Kuranyi face is the best I've seen and Guti the worse. Overall, most look stupid as all hell. Fifa 2008 better not be sloppyyyy!