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    @@@ EURO 2008 Direct IP Challenge @@@

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    [wanted] Direct Ip Challenges

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    If You Can't Host Then Read This!

    Below you will find a list of guides for FIFA 2006 specific to each router. If you have trouble with the guide please visit Port Forwarding Progression guide. Viewing their What is Portforwarding? guide can help you get the concepts behind port forwarding. Remember the more you know about port...
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    QUESTION: How to replace background music?

    How can I replace the background music to some of my MP3s?
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    Winning Eleven 7 for PC Shoot problem

    I use keyboard to play. On lots of times, I shoot the ball so like a kicker kicking a (american) football for field goal. Is there anyway I can control this or a tip to shoot the ball lighter? Yes, I know about the shoot power bar but it moves damn so fast just like any other power bars in...
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    EA Sports World Cup 2002 crashes

    Whenever I tried to play, after I select the teams and sides to proceed, my pc automatically reboots or World Cup crashes and goes back to desktop. How do I prevent this? Please PM me and let me know. Spec. of my PC AMD T-Bird 1Ghz 256MB XMS2400 DDR RAM 40GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 60