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    PES 2010 PC North American Players

    Join our Community "Coast to Coast". PM me and ask for the password if you want to be a part of it. We'll have leagues and stuff soon.
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    dat folder for WEPES2007?

    Can I just copy and paste my patched "dat" folder from PES6 to my WEPES2007 "dat" folder? Will it work? Thanks
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    home stadiums for national teams?

    Anyone knows how to assign home stadiums for the national teams? This is for the kitserver... Cheers Edit: Nevermind. I found the answer.
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    Which graphics card?

    Can anyone answer this for me? Which one is better? A Nvidia 7600GS 512MB DDR2 card or ATI 1600 Pro 512MB DDR2 card? Both PCI-Express cards. Thank you.
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    How to insert .flg files into pes6?

    Hi guys. I am kinda a knob when it comes to patching and stuff:) And I really need your help here. I have two .flg files(unknow_00535.flg and unknow_00536.flg). Can someone please explain step by step how to put these two files into PES6? Thank you:)
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    Correct team names online?

    I am sorry if this has been asked before but is there a way to see the correct team names for the online game? Like Monaco instead of Azur?
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    HD Kits

    I have been trying to find high definition kits on here but no success. Can someone help me find HD Kits to put it in my GDB folder? Appeciations :fool:
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    Applying adboards

    Hey everyone, I am trying to apply new adboards for my WE9 PC. I really haven't done it before so I have no idea how to do it. Can soemone help me step by step? I have the Graphic Studio and the World cup ads. Thanks
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    Adboards for WE9?

    Can someone give me a link for the best adboards out there for WE9? Don't know if there is one for online play also... I appreciate it...
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    usa.pesladder is up and running for the people who are interested. It's for USA only. Good luck and have fun :lui:
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    Adding commentary

    Anyone knows how to add the additional commentary languages after you install the game? I mean I chose English when I was installing the game but now I want to add the other commentary languages just for fun. Is there a way to do it without uninstalling the game? Thx...
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    Finally! Yes

    WE9 for xbox now compatible with xbox 360 guys!!! I don't have the game yet so whoever has it let us know how the game looks on 360 please... Enjoy...
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    cross your fingers for WE9 PC

    Hi guys, I just want you to take you back in time a little bit... Read this post if you haven't already. Everyone knows that WE9 for PC will be released on 4/4/06 by now but maybe the same thing...
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    Player switch option when playing online?

    Anyone knows if Konami put the player switch option this time for the online mode? Thnx
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    Where is Figo for Portugal national team with the latest Wolf patch?(Vuelta Lobo Patch) Peace
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    anybody host an american server in pes4launcher?

    Anyone interested or smart enough to host an american server in pes4launcher? american room?american league or something? is it too early to ask this since the game is relatively new? Hope somebody will make it soon Cheers:rockman:
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    No handball in PES4?

    I know we had the ''Handball'' rule in PES3. Has anybody experienced it in PES4? It's wierd if they took it out from last years game. It hasn't happened to me yet!!! Thanks
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    American PES4 PC Players

    PES4 PC players from USA and Canada. Please leave your contact info(MSN,email, etc.) for other North American players to contact you here and for possible ''LAG FREE'' games... Cheers:rockman: