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    Kits 2013 by El-Torres BJ

    Why u dont make shorts???
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    Kit Request Thread

    Videó for this kit:
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    Nymain's Fantasy Kits

    Wow so nice kits!!! Dont stop making them! ;) Ill wait Arsenal fantasy kits i hope u ill make it! :P
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    Kit Request Thread

    Anyone please? :)
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    vladzava Kits

    Change color depth 32bit etc.
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    Adding Players to Classic IX Team

    Use Fifa Regenerator! It ill help!
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    Kit Request Thread

    Someone make these kits please:
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    afwan11 Fantasy Kits (No Request)

    Dont make original kits!! Amazing fantasy kits!!!!
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    FV.Erwin Kit's

    Make shorts bro! :) I like your kits but i cant use them without shorts! :)
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    Kit Request Thread

    Someone can made this:
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    FanCHELSEA Prod.

    English only!
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    Caldwell Showcase

    Nice work! :) Make Superman, Batman etc. Lets make DC and Marvell teams! :D
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    MLS New Numbers

    Cant see...
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    Kits by ZNL

    Fuckin nice kits!!! Can u give me collar number to home shirt? Thanks dude!!
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    Kit Request Thread
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    FV.Erwin Kit's

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    .: unit37 Kits Thread :.

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    .: unit37 Kits Thread :.

    Nice work! Can u give me collar number?
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    .: unit37 Kits Thread :.

    Make shorts please!