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  1. IidaMods2K1

    Intertoto Cup for FIFA Manager 09-14

    Hello to all. Is it possible to put Intertoto Cup from FIFA Manager 07-08 to 09-14 and rename it to Conference League?
  2. IidaMods2K1

    What happened to Dmitriy's Universal Converter Project?

    @Dmitri Explain me what happened to the FIFA Manager Universal Converter? I just wanted to use it for Old FIFA Manager games.
  3. IidaMods2K1

    Can't create a new game save after my work in FIFA (LFP) Manager 10

    Hi to all. I'm currently using solons0's patch for FIFA (LFP) Manager 10, and I just created clubs but I can't open a new game save as the game kicks me out. Can anyone help me? Link of Solons0's patch:
  4. IidaMods2K1

    3D faces from modern FIFA Games to FIFA/LFP/Fussball Manager 10

    Can anyone convert the 3D Faces from modern FIFA games (14-16-18-19-20-21-22) to FIFA Manager 10? I'm using solons0's 2021 patch for that game (Link: