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    Wolverine's Kits

    Schalke 04 Home/Away/Third Minikits
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    Wolverine 14

    I am back, starting with a Boateng face update: Download Support: X-Men Institut @ FifaPlanet
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    Face Model/Texture Suggestion-Thread

    I need a tex with shaved hair on sides, like raul meireles or Simpson from newcastle, but with blonde hair! Whos got an idea?
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    And Now For Something Different...Wolverines Kits

    Schalke Original Font and Kitnumbers:
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    Wolverine 13

    So i will continue too.
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    X-Men Institute

    Schalke Home 12/13 Kit: Shorts will follow
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    Wolverine 12

    just imported my first FUIFA 12 Face with CM12 into the game and it seems to work fine (with one exception, i don't know what a far-hair model is) This is going to be Kyriakos Papadopoulos:
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    Wolverines FIFA 12 Videos

    Hey, i made one FIFA Video and in the future i want to make some more. A short goal compilation:
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    Wolverine 12

    Sidney Sam, Bayer Leverkusen: Thx to Betzialist
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    The Hobbit

    First Video Finally they begin! The Hobbit: Part 1 (2012) Adventure | Fantasy - 19 December 2012 (USA) Story: Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit, journeys to the Lonely Mountain accompanied by a group of dwarves to reclaim a treasure...
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    Downloads by FIFAPlanet

    Here i want to present you our Downloads! Visit us on!
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    Wolverine's Minis

    I´m proud to present you my second Minikit try:D: Schalke 04 3rd Mini Special thx to HSV Balti
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    Wolverine 11

    Sami Hyypiä, Leverkusen:
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    Next Generation 2010 Graphic Patch

    Next Generation 2010 Graphic Patch After a long waiting period we are happy to present the Next Generation 2010 Graphic Patch. It was made by FIFA International and is finished now, after some months of development time, full of frustration and enjoyment. This Patch is the biggest Graphic...
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    Wolverine´s company

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    Wolverine´s whibbly-whobbly Stuff

    New Schalke 04 Home-Kit 10/10 ( i dont know how the seams are running) Free Image Hosting by
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    Wolverine´s Boots

    My only 3rd Boots i think:D Nike Total90 Shoot II TF Free Image Hosting by
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    Wolverin´s Face-Lab 10

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    Carlos*son´s Kits

    Actally i´m Facemaker, but here is my 1st Kit-try:D (Shade is just for screen)