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    Manulukasz Face Thread!

    Hi again :D I didn't die in facemaking so let's start :D To show that I don't come here to only say "hi" little previev: Tom Cleverley /Man United/ (too much to work to show all face) (in texture just to work under mouth) Maybe anyone is interested in collab with this face ? Not much...
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    manulukasz [11-12 season]

    Hi again guys :D Can someone give me Mario Gomez texture by ea ? Or just say that it is new or the same as in fifa 11. 5 minis for start: pls quick answer about gomez :)
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    Face fights

    New idea. :D Maybe I am crazy, but I will try. So, for have more afflatus we can fight with our faces. It means that 2 facemakers post screens of their face and we vote who is better (need screen from blender/3ds max/CM and from game). Facemakers will give 120% for their faces. What do you think...
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    Thread for post face to convert them

    Here guys who can't convert faces can post files in cff and maybe will be some good guys who can convert. If it is good idea pls sticked this becouse a lot of guys have problem with converting. :) Ok, I started. Can someone convert Pedro ? :P
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    manulukasz [season 10/11]

    Hi, my first tex for Fifa 11 :D
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    Real Madrid kit problem

    When I try add actual kit for Real Madrid in CM, in game there isn't any results. What I can do to add kit for this team ? pls help :(
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    manulukasz FACE THREAD

    hi, my name is Lukasz and I post here my faces (Y) links for my packs: RapidShare MegaUpload DepositFiles HotFile RapidShare HotFile LINK LINK LINK LINK...