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    Krajcso 13

    I know I start a little bit late, but... I will make some faces for Fifa 13, as well. Francesco Totti (Roma)
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    Krajcso's face thread 12

    After Fifa11, I'll continue with Fifa12. Faces for everybody ;) Krajcso 12 Facepatch
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    Just an idea...

    2011 Copa América. I thinked about Copa América Facepatch. The facemakers made a lot face from South-America. So? Good idea, or not?
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    New songs?

    Hi :innocent_smile_1: Just a question, is it possible to take new songs into fifa? If it is possible, what can I do? I wanna make a soundpatch with Fifa06,Fifa07,Fifa08 best tracks ( because in Fifa11's tracklist is not enough good for me) In Fifa07 I heard so much good, and new song. I...
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    Problem with CFC

    I'm a facemaker, but I haven't convert my .cff models to .rx3. Did somebody have the same error? Can I download an other program or another version? HELP ME! System.FormatException: Nem megfelelő a bemeneti karakterlánc formátuma. a következő helyen...
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    To facemakers

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    Help me!

    I want to create faces. Please help me! :confused: How to continue?
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    Krajcso's face thread

    Welcome! I'm Krajcso from Hungary. I speak Hungarian, not English :S Sorry for bad English. I know how to take ingame faces, and how to edit the model =)